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pandemo's Journal

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Sunday, June 1st, 2003
4:09a - LJ Friends

leeneh 97%
trista 95%
alfachimp 95%
forioscribe 91%
flagpolesitta 91%
tranquillo 85%
epi_lj 76%
glenn5 69%
How compatible with me are YOU?

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4:58a - Cool Car Ad -- COG (Posted Where I Can Find It!)

666 takes, no computer generated nothing... filmed in France, for a Japanese car.
click here to view it:


I can't get this out of my thoughts, and keep trying to show it to people. I thought I had it bookmarked, but that was at school, and now I'm home for the summer, so... I'll store it here where I can always find it.

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