May 4th, 2003


Rain Not Missing Us

For once, the scheduled rain is NOT missing my farm. I am sure the creek is finally running today, at least!

The electricity was off until 11:38 this morning, so things were VERY quiet, all the better to hear the pattern of the drops of rain on the sky lights and windows. This afternoon on the radio, WOI-fm was playing a mellifluous version of some Scott Joplin rags arranged and played delightfully by none other than Isaac Perelman, done on old vinyl lp, which developed a skip, repeating the same phrase endlessly as Hollis, who was down the hall, raced to correct it.

As second after second ticked by, I was struck of the similarity between this bit of smooth rag and some of Phillip Glass's minimalist movements. Two more notes, and it could have been such a chunk. It became hypnotic as it wound through the click - reiteration cycle.

So after Hollis had righted the problem and had a bit of time to calm down, I called the toll free number and told him the "name" of his newly created concoction. Sure enough, at the end, he used it, a graceful joke to ease out of the error with a touch of humor. (Yes, he credited it to "one of the listeners who called to let him know of the problem"... but he didn't need to.)

The cats are sitting in a disgruntled kittle of wet fur and twitchy whiskers underneath the front porch, emerging each time the front door opens. They always seem to sense when I am cleaning out the fridge and likely to flip them some delicacies long past human appreciation.