April 15th, 2003


Smashing Good Time

When I came in to work today, about 15 minutes early, a police car was parked in the faculty parking lot in such a way that I could not get to the back row where I generally park, as I leave later than most.

Normally, he parks in the bus lane, so I knew he thought he'd be here longer than that.

A handwritten sign on notebook paper on the high school entrance said, "Use Elementary office today."

What? Nothing high school teachers need except reams of typing paper are stored there.

I trudged up the steps to the main floor, noting the white paper barrel had been pulled over into the entrance and marked, "Do not enter", and "Use elementary office". Of course, students kept walking AROUND the barrel and entering, only to be ushered out.

Both secretaries' computers were missing. Chunks of doorframe lay on the hall floor. The town cop was behind the counter. Mr. Lee was in front of it. His computer was also missing.

Today the principal was in for surgery. I think it's going to be a smashing week!