February 6th, 2003


Pandemonium Strikes the Street

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Ah, street scenes! I have 'em. (Many, many BIG shots...)

Some friends came over on January 1, 2000, to help me shoot the herd, to remember what they looked like on that day. It was bitter cold, and they had a brand new digital camera to show off... a Sony.

Anyone who reads my journal regularly will by now know that such simple things as a photo shoot on a bright, sunny afternoon NEVER TURN OUT. Oh, that's not fair. Sure, they turn out, but never as expected.

So, we decided to run the horses past the two videographers, Missy Riley (with the super new digital) and I, with my three year old workhorse Panasonic AG (a prozumer style, but no longer state of the art.)

The herd cooperated, running up the hill in small groups for the most part, and a few singletons. Herds of horses tend to clump together... being herd animals, that is their instinct.

But, we weren't getting much in the way of action, so we opened the pasture gate and decided to run them TO somewhere -- in this case, across the yard into a dinky pasture.
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Pandemonium Strikes the Street, Part II

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We left the herd madly caroming down the highway in front of my house... to see more, follow the link.

My problem was that I was behind the herd, where it was terribly difficult to affect their direction. In the first shot, the dark splotch above the sign on the eastern part of the road is part of the four who went east when the majority went west. I figured they'd come back, which they did, sort of. Two of that group actually tried to go home sooner, but when everyone else went another direction, they turned and went with the mass.