January 26th, 2003


Are we driving a quiet truck?

(Nothing but gripes below... if your mood is delicate, you may not want to risk adding to it by resonating with mine!)

My mother emailed me this morning, concerned for my hearing if I continued to drive Old Blue with the Y (or wide) pipe broken and the entire muffler laying in the bed of the truck.

Yep... I went at 8:30, was out shortly before 1 pm... The initial $125 estimate jumped to $335 when he saw the damage, and following installation, the bill was $427... so it goes. It seems some of the bolts were recalcitrant and had to be heated and drilled out.

While I was sitting there waiting, I kept trying to dodge the cigarette smoke of the people who came in for coffee and gossip. (The men were worse on both counts, but that may be the nature of the business, not a true representation of their differences.)

I tried to read -- tried to edit -- tried to write... Saturday morning was just a total waste of time in a highly unpleasant and unhealthy environment. By the time the sun had moved on, the air was so bad I kept having to go outside. I'd stay as long as I could, then come in to warm up. Breathe or freeze is not a pleasant choice.

I am thinking I may have to put my coat back through the cleaners to be able to keep the fur near my face. I will see if airing it outside last night got it any more bearable. My hair washes, but the coat does not. I'd managed to go a full year between when I bought it and when it needed to be cleaned, and now can only do a month! AARGG!

(Sorry about the double posting -- I did a spell check after I wrote a word I was pretty sure I'd misspelled, but for once I had it right, so the thing posted itself. Guess I need to put some nonsense keys in it before I do that so it doesn't post half-finished rants!)