January 17th, 2003


Whooo --

Scotish and Welsh ancestry must count for something!

Well, I guess I can pass if the questions are easy enough... I should probably have missed two, but got lucky with my guesses.... I guess!

Don't Know Much About...

(I did my "misplace my journal entries" thing again, and posted something long and historical in someone else's journal as part of a discussion... so here's an instant replay:)

Physics. I never took it. The title of the class scared me... sounded too PHYSICAL, you know? But when I took chemistry (which I have a decided UNtalent for) my lab group contained all the feather brains... We did not even manage to use the scientific method. Not a math person among us.

We collected our numbers, then, without averaging or anything, tried to predict where the next items would fall. We missed them all! We were singled out for special mention-- he'd been teaching for x number of years, and had never had any group get a 0 prediction score before...

I passed, because there was a chart of the periodic table of elements hanging on the wall, which was removed for the test, but I have this quirky kind of positional memory. I never consciously looked at the chart during the class, but I knew the rows and columns had things in common, and by looking at the BARE WALL with the outline in faded/non-faded paint, I could imagine where something fell... and "see" what element it was.

In biology lab, where we were to look through a microscope and draw what we saw, I was always the one who followed the gal with too much eye make-up on that would gunk up the lens... I could never see anything clearly enough to draw it unless the teacher came over and cleaned the thing up for me. This does not endear you to the lab personnel.

(I also discovered, driving home after a chess tourney, that I could visualize the chess board and positions of both player's pieces, then work out the moves I should have made to WIN as I drove home ON THE WINDSHIELD of my car. Thank god I evidently did not do this during rush hour or in demanding traffic situations, as I am still here centuries later to write about it.)

So, what's my favorite reading material? Science Fiction. Go figure!

(I also did not use spell check, and found several letters missing where I evidently didn't hit the keys hard enough and one just out and out misspelling... I promised myself to quit posting without using the spell check so people had a prayer of understanding what I was trying for....)