January 3rd, 2003


Help! Leeneh?


This is all in Norsk... is it a hunting/fishing guide? Tranquillo suggested Nordmarka as a place near Oslo a horse could run to... Despina tips a guard wearing old heavy armor (as probably only found in England...LOL) off his horse, then ends up riding her out of town. I wanted a place green/wildish she could head to...

I found a literary site with that name, got views from weather sat's, math, all, of course, in Norsk.

http://www.skiforeningen.no/maps/index.cgi?map=marka.htm Is this place by Oslo? I am thinking the brown is the roads around Oslo, but??? I could be way off, here.

I decided I'd found a boy scout jamboree location, a place to go camping (kampen?), a marathon...

Are the top three the memorial park? They look like WWII memorials to me.
Then hiking/camping places?

You'll probably get a pretty good laugh out of my "translations".

This one had a partially translated site, and offered horseback riding...