December 21st, 2002


Still Doing My "Green" Thing

I made "Chicken a la King" with a few substitutions: Turkey for the chicken, celery for the pimiento, bright green frozen spinach for the green peppers, added mushrooms just because I like them, and served it on a plain toasted bagel.

The result was a BRIGHT CHRISTMAS GREEN with white (think snow here) background and reddish leg meat, reddish mushrooms, so it looked real festive. I thought about taking a photo of it.... but I was too hungry by then, as the electricity had been off for two and a half hours, starting shortly after 12, about the time I got ready to do something for food... (school schedule is lunch at 12:30)

I don't know if it was good, or not... with the sore throat/cold I woke up with this morning, I doubt my taster is accurate... and you can eat a lot of weird stuff just fine if you are REALLY HUNGRY at the time. At any rate, I cleaned it all up with what passes for relish when you have a cold....LOL

Haven't started whistling "Pop Eye, the Sailor Man" yet ... Looked in the mirror, as my mom always told me spinach was good for my complexion, but my face isn't green, yet... so I guess I'll be just FINE.

For My Horsey Friends

(Stolen from a horse chat)

A Christmas Story

The young couple had made their usual hurried, pre-Christmas visit to the little farm where dwelt their elderly parents with their small herd of horses. The farm had been named Lone Pine Farm because of the huge pine which topped the hill behind the farm, and through the years had become a talisman to the old man and his wife, and a landmark in the countryside.
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