December 12th, 2002


Very Punny...

We once had a minister who was a master of puns. It got so bad that we finally worked his NAME into one by saying "Another DUNN pun."

I forget now if it was his wife or daughter that refused to pun. The (highly aprocryphal) story circulated that she got locked in a closet until she made a pun. She got out immediately, when she bellowed at top volume...

"O-PEN the Door!"

The Character's Name! -- for Mountain Lover

The buried name I've been wanting the spelling of...

from leeneh:
No, Sven is a good all-around Scandinavian name! A Norwegian version is Svein (more common than Sven). Unless I'm totally off here, its meaning is 'unmarried man'.

I was looking in tranquillo...
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