November 19th, 2002


And If You Live On a Horse Farm...

You've Got Questions. We've Got Road Apples.

The Science Of Road Apples.

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At Fair Pandemonium, Where we lay our scene:

Plink, Plink, Road Apples...

Aaahh, Road Apples!

<lj-cut text="The following is in questionable taste. DO NOT read while eating supper -- you might get crumbs in the computer and have to replace the whole thing!)> You Press the Road Apples; We Do the Rest. Road Apples is so Bracing. City slicker walking across the barn lot: Watch Out, There's Road Apples About. Road Apples, Take Me Away. The Ultimate Road Apples Machine. (Poopinest horse in the barn...) Loves the Road Apples You Hate. Out Of The Strong Came Forth Road Apples. Probably The Best Road Apples In The World. Road Apples Born and Bred. Let The Road Apples Take The Strain. Barn Cleaner's Dream: Kills All Known Road Apples - Dead. Fill It To The Rim With Road Apples. Does the Hard Road Apples for You. Just Do Road Apples. Once You Pop, You Can't Stop Road Apples. Put A Road Apple In Your Tank. (Convert your engine to METHANE. On second thought, maybe you'd better not. After all, how would you... Get The Road Apples Out. Camping on the open range? The Best Part of Waking Up is Road Apples in Your Cup. But I'd Rather Have a Bowl of Road Apples. Snap! Crackle! Road Apples! Because So Much Is Riding On Your Road Apples. (Great, Chippy. Now you've got my whole herd chanting We Build Road Apples. (What I want to know is What Can Road Apples Do For You? Let's Face The Music and Road Apples. A Road Apple A Day Helps You Work, Rest and Play. A Road Apple Is Forever. I Think, Therefore Road Apples. Men Can't Help Acting On Road Apples. Naughty, but Road Apples. For The Road Apples You Don't Yet Know. For Those Deep Down Body Road Apples. It's Not TV. It's Road Apples. If You've Got the Time, We've Got the Road Apples. The Too Good to Hurry Road Apples. Just One Road Apple - Give It To Me! Biting the Hand that Feeds Road Apples. Road Apples Is Job 1. If You Want To Get Ahead, Get A Road Apple. Fall Into The Road Apples. Don't You Just Love Being In Road Apples? Vorsprung Durch Road Apples. (Road Apples supplied free. Showers are 50 Guilders. -- Paraphrase of an old Wizard of Id cartoon.) Schhh... You Know Road Apples. The Right Road Apples at the Right Time. Think Road Apples. Gotta Lotta Road Apples. Which Twin has the Road Apples? When You've Got Road Apples, Flaunt It. Solutions For a Small Road Apples. Too Orangey for Road Apples. Only The Crumbliest Flakiest Road Apples. Gives A Meal Road Apples-Appeal. Melts In Your Road Apples, Not In Your Hand. Bet You Can't Eat Road Apples. The Curiously Strong Road Apples. Ring Around the Road Apples Gets Your Whole Wash Clean. I Was a Road Apples Weakling. It's Just For Me And My Road Apples. Road Apples Is Our Middle Name. I Liked The Road Apples So Much, I Bought The Company! With A Name Like Road Apples, It Has To Be Good. All You Add Is Road Apples. P-P-P-Pick Up A Road Apple. Designed for Road Apples. Cleans Your Floor Without Road Apples. Because Road Apples Can't Drive. A Different Kind Of Company. A Different Kind Of Road Apples. We're with the Road Apples. It Takes A Tough Man To Make A Tender Road Apple. (Or is that Tough Centaur?) Is It Live, Or Is It Road Apples? Feel The Raw Naked Road Apples On The Road. Australians Wouldn't Give A Road Apple For Anything Else. Because Road Apples are Complicated Enough. When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be Road Apples Overnight. Wouldn't You Like To Be A Road Apple Too? Run For The Road Apples. Don't Be Vague. Ask for Road Apples. I'd Walk a Mile for a Road Apple. Never Knowingly Road Apples. Taste the Road Apples. A Finger of Road Apples is Just Enough to Give Your Kids a Treat. The Good Road Apples Kids Go For. Road Apples. It's What's For Dinner. Time To Make The Road Apples. Crunch All You Want. We'll Make Road Apples. Whenever There's a Snack Gap, Road Apples Fit. We'll Leave The Road Apples On For You. I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Road Apple. Don't Get Mad, Get Road Apples. Road Apples Really Satisfy. I Can't Believe It's Not Road Apples. It's A Bit Of A Road Apple. The Road Apple That Refreshes. Mild Green Road Apples Liquid. A Glass and a Half in Every Road Apple. For a Hard-Earned Thirst, Road Apples. I Bet He Drinks Road Apples. Road Apples Stays Sharp 'til The Bottom of the Glass. Good To The Last Road Apple. Prolongs Active Road Apples. Can You Tell Road Apples From Butter? (If you can't, DON'T invite ME for dinner!) Spreads Straight from the Road Apples. Where's The Road Apples? Your Road Apples, Right Away. For the Man who has everything. Happiness is a Cigar Called Road Apples. Made In Scotland From Road Apples. Get the Road Apples Habit. Better Ingredients, Better Road Apples. You Too Can Have A Road Apples Like Mine. Bread Wi' Road Apples Taken Out. Have a Break. Have a Road Apple. Things Go Better with Road Apples. Make Someone Happy with a Road Apples. (I suppose I could always wrap boxes of 12 for Christmas presents...) And on that STUNNING thought, I'll retire to the sidelines. Good Road Apples Has Danish Written All Over It. (Which must be the program's way of saying, GET BACK TO YOUR NOVEL!) No Road Apples, No Comment. Thank Road Apples It's Friday.