October 12th, 2002


Weird Quote

What Weird Quote Are You?

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Devious. You lie! But we can never catch you at it. Dammit.


Well, it was the fault of the quote about the kittens. The RIGHT answer for me wasn't there. I'd wonder what was wrong with them that the owner felt the need to drown them. Sometimes it is better than letting them die a lingering death full of suffering and pain. Only PEOPLE are forced to endure that...

How Weird Are You?

Just How Weird Are You?

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Weird. You're a weirdo. David Bowie is probably your hero, and we love you for it. You really don't care what others think, so it's ok that your weird.


Well, I am SO weird, that I have heard of this guy, but never heard him... What does he sing? (Pray, NOT country-western! I don't think I could stand that!) He almost has on cowboy boots, so that's not terrible. Do you think I should send him a copy of my favorite Classical album???

Or, would that be just TOO weird?

Personlly, I think he looks too young for me.