October 10th, 2002


My Traveling Friends

Okay. I have an assignment for you while you are in AZ. (If you are busy or uninterested, just blow it all off!)

1) Listen for NATIVE SPEAKERS (as opposed to those who were born/raised elsewhere and moved in there...). I want what their true speech sounds like -- any regionalisms that they have, characteristic thought/language patterns... ESP for Native Americans and rural peoples.

2) What nationalities (I know Mexican) are present? In my story, I have a guy of French background, two Germans, several with generic American backgrounds...

3) SOIL in the canyons. In the Four Corners area, what is the soil like? Sand? Clay? Rocks? Are there saguaro cactus there, or only further south? I've been through there, but I was NOT watching for the kind of details I need now to make the story fly.... (Gai Carousel went to the Grand Canyon with me as a three year old... She's now 25, so it's been a while.)

3) Old timer's stories/tall tales of incidents camping out/hiking/dealing with local flora and fauna, adventures on horseback especially... Ranching stories -- anyone who wants to email on such topics would be great! When I went to Wall, SD, I found an old time cowboy with stories that were just GREAT. I took copious notes and wrote them up...I'd love to make connections with that same type of character in AZ with a host of the old time stories he/she wants to tell. (I talked with Indians and a few others, but mostly with TOURISTS, not the types I want to pick the brains of now...)

On the Fascinating Subject of Barfing in Public

Trista wrote:
I have never been so sleepy in my entire life. Ever. I may not make it through the day. I may fall asleep on my desk. Let's hope I don't dribble.

In other news, I have a new favorite nail color. It's OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress, a shiny red that I can just stare at for hours. That could be because I'm so tired, though.
To which elisat replied:
2002-10-08 06:17 (link)
I should get a bib if I were you.. There's nothing quite as icky as dribbling goo on your desktop.

Yep actually there is. Dribbling goo on your shoulder from your subway neighbour's mouth has to be worse...

Woken you up? Didn't think so..

To which Trista replied:
2002-10-08 06:26 (link)
Woken you up? Didn't think so..

No, but you've given me nightmares about people dribbling on me. ;)

Which led to:
2002-10-08 06:39 (link)
Wait until I start giving you reminding ideas about projectile vomit like the scenes in The Exorcist or Witches of Eastwick, THEN you'll start having the nightmares.

I love cherries..
Muhahahaha barf!

2002-10-08 07:32 (link)
Okay, maybe I should just stay awake. ;)
Which was such fascinating stuff that I ducked totally off topic in HER JOURNAL instead of mine...

Now, Trista is ALWAYS SWEET and honest. So, I am thinking I'd better pull my post and put it here... where it belongs. But, I can't be such a total outlaw as to let you think that I relived that scene of TRUE HORROR without a little help from my friends!

My Post:
Barfing in Public

You DON'T have to go to the movies to see public barfing...

I once got a Christmas present of a ticket to fly to WY to visit some relatives. We always get off RIGHT before Christmas, so guess who joined a cast of thousands sleeping in the snowbound Denver Airport with all the vending machines sold out??? (The people with pets in the cargo hold WERE allowed to bring them into the main area, and I met several really nice dogs, one who curled up with me for a while as his owner laughed at the way he took over people as friends. I told him my dog was an Irish Setter, and she'd never met a person she didn't like, either.)

The puddle jumper I was to take from there to Casper boarded, unboarded for checking an engine, reboarded, and I was afraid my dramamine would wear off while I was still on the ground.

Finally, we go to the end of the runway and sit for another half hour, still buffeted by STRONG WINDS. Planes can rock quite eerily. I get some water and take a second tablet (every four hours, you know....)

The cute young executive type sitting next to me by the window DID NOT. I turned around to the really neat MALE steward and suggested replenishing our barf bags as my seat did not have one, just in case the dramamine did not dissolve quickly enough. He looks real thoughtful, hops up and gives me TWO, one of which I stuck in the executive's pouch, one in mine, and goes merrily off up the aisle, passing out about 10 more.

JUST IN TIME. The guy is sleeping. Facing the window... sort of. Out it comes, all over his shoes, the window, the seat back, his lap, and the half-opened barf bag.

The smell in the small plane was so strong, three or four others joined him before we landed... I was PROUD that I was not among them, this time...

All that was missing was the FILM CREW to get it all down.

Gotta LOVE flying!


Re: Barfing in Public
2002-10-10 05:30 (link)
Eek! How very horrible! It's bad enough in the movies. I don't think I'd handle it so well all up close and personal like that. Ick.


I really feel as if I should let her have this nice SEDATE, LADYLIKE discussion of the weird name the red nail polish has in peace without the satiric overtones of my entry.

What say you, Trista? Pull from yours now that I have preserved the whole pertinent schmear here?