October 8th, 2002


Definitely One of THOSE Days!

How are things going? Not so hot! The only good thing is that I CAN talk about it today... Yesterday, all I could do was tell a few super close friends that it had happened.

I thought I had Fantasia placed for a while, but she came home yesterday. The gal lost heart over a really bad accident nobody could have possibly controlled.

Canela died last Friday, and the gal was the one taking care of the youngsters in that pasture. It was NOT her fault; nothing she could have done would have changed a thing, but she blew a gasket. Too much responsibility. The other five still out there in the same pasture (who were supposed to come home Oct. 1) come home Saturday. I am going over to help her load them up. I hope I can get them in.

Seeing Canela's dead body flipped over the fence broke her up, and they reacted. She said, "I got myself under control before I started," but these Arabs CAN TELL. Outward calm doesn't cut it with them. They see the heart.

I met her in the Hy Vee parking lot, coming out as I was going in... I pulled up right beside her van without recognizing it, and we talked quite a while... and I ended up crying again...

Alegria got in the trailer for her (being the sweetheart Debut daughter that she is) and Serena TRIED, but kept freaking and banging her head (she's over 15.1 and the trailer is LOW) and scaring herself, then flying out backward. Once she couldn't get Serena loaded, Alegria started to freak out alone, so she drove the two miles to her house and loaded up Fantasia and brought her back, too.

Tonight she said if she'd been thinking, she'd have kept Alegria at her place, as she is going to break her in the spring for me.

I told her to try to put it behind her. She can't get the sight of the dead body out of her mind. I told her that was one thing I was spared, at least... I certainly don't lack imagination. I can picture it just fine without the actual sight to relive.

The broken off fence post means Canela was probably running at the time (storms with high winds Fri. and in high winds, when they are young and feeling good, running is NOT unusual). The owners of the land have been moving in some other livestock -- they started with an ill-tempered sow who then had piglets, then added a few calves, a goat, sheep, and the sheep brought coyotes. Mike went out naked one night and shot at them... (You can get away with doing things like that when you live in an isolated place... which he does.)

So, maybe Canela was CHASING COYOTES, which I wouldn't put past her... She was herd boss of the ones over there, so was probably in the lead of whatever game was afoot. Alice, her full sister, was over there, too, but as the younger sister, was much lower in the pecking order. Serena, her best buddy and second in command, Cortaj, the young purebred mare by Mizan Taj Halim, her half sister Crem, both from my best purebred mare Coqet, and Alegria, were the others.

As I pointed out to her, I've had horses flip over brand new fences; I have coyotes over here (and deer, too) and hunters who get on both sides of my (posted) land and fire away, which may send bullets whizzing through my fields, or the noise may spook them, and I can be RIGHT THERE at the time, and still can't stop it from happening. I told her about Flashy Belladonna, who flipped over a fence and broke her neck right in front of me when she overreacted to hunters pheasant hunting on their own land... properly, not shooting across the pasture where the herd was. I was bringing them in one by one at the time... Just NOT QUICKLY ENOUGH... Nobody had ever hunted out around there before (one of the attractions to the hunters, I was later told). She was a half Saddlebred, and was a really good show mare (which means she strutted her stuff at the drop of a hat, good in the show ring, but fatal in life...)

Sort of like having children who are talented and cute who KNOW they can get by with stuff (until they are caught by some mishap a more cautious, less imaginative person would not have been caught by...) Yes, these horses are STILL my children.