September 20th, 2002


On Swearing

When I was in high school, people in general DID NOT know/use that word. We felt riské if we said "RAPE". The first time my boyfriend said it, I heard "rake", which did NOT make sense. I knew a person who was called a rake, but I was SURE HE DID NOT. It was literary, and he wasn't...

I got clear through a church college without ever hearing the word. Then I began teaching at the State Juvenile Home in Toledo, Iowa. Those kids had HEARD ALL THE WORDS. When the neat kids in my speech class figured out that I did not recognize BTB as something I had to discipline/report ("Hey, Miss H., someone wrote BTB in my book!"
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Here's a quote from a letter my mother sent to me last year:

Well, I can't put my hands on it now, even though I had it less than an hour ago! I have to get out the door to school, so will finish up tomorrow...