September 4th, 2002


Turkey Day

No, I'm not hungry, and no, I'm not rushing the holiday season. I'm talking real, wild turkey. As in on the verge of the neighbor's driveway on the way to work, right where he stopped mowing the sides of his 1/2 mile long driveway, just barely out of the trees. Just standing there, alert, majestic. Not at all afraid of the occasional car whizzing by. Just one brief glimpse, but the memory was set.

The early morning sun lit up his black feathers as if his broad body were sprinkled with sequins. Brown points added contrast, and the red waddle accent. He stood, surrounded by green hues and beige, a fashion statement from nature's best.

A lovely way to start the day. A Turkey Day.

My Friend George and the Hospital Gown

Mom wrote that Sharon spent hours with Stan today -- in his room.  They will move him to the area of the hospital where George was after his hip surgery for therapy.  His left side is not working right.  This is much better for him and Sharon.  The help there are well-trained and are friendly.

This is where George went outside on a windy day in his night shirt to walk, and the wind blew up under his gown {shirt}.  He said he now knew how the Scotsmen felt in their kilts.

A good night to you.