July 22nd, 2002


Seymour Goes to the Movies


I would love to be able to offer a film class that taught editing/film making skills to students for an English credit.

Over the years, I have collected the VHS footage for many movies. Students have prepared story boards, typed scripts, formed production companies and been interviewed by the principal for the top positions (when we had cooperative staff...). conceived, wrote, filmed, acted in, and edited the final product.

On hand are the raw footage and notebooks for Tony's Mistake, a 7th grade effort on the topic of "Date Rape", an 11th grade "western" called Western Romance in which the heroine chooses the HORSE instead of the cowboy (but later in real life MARRIED THE COWBOY, leaving me wondering if it is MY fault that sweet young thing ended up with biggest hood!), an 11th grade 30 second commercial on "Why I'm Proud to Be Drug Free" that went from wild party to od with a moral delivered impromptu by the biggest normal recipient of that lecture from the town cop... and a host of Spanish productions.

I had students who wanted to sign up for a video editing/film making class, but could not convince the powers that be that it was a "real" class, not just babysitting. I see the ability to conceptualize a movie as a job skill and valuable asset in corporate America as well as to the college bound, more and more expected/accepted for work/class projects as the technology advances.

I would like to be able to present some expert material that would lead in the direction of getting our small school into step with the times. Even the "hard core dropout" group seems to be able to respond and perform acceptable work in this medium. In schools dominated by rote learning, the creative outlet is valuable for students, as well.

I have no idea if this is a page long, or not...