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pandemo's Journal

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Tuesday, June 25th, 2002
1:08p - On Yielding to Temptation -- Oscar Wilde

Some temptations are so great, it takes great courage to yield to them.
                                                                                                ~ Oscar Wilde

Brought to my delighted attention by Fayzee...who adds, "Let me get it straight....breaks?  I think the originals were single spaced, not double as the computer sent them...  If I recall, Oscar Wilde's quote was in the book about his life, and I do not remember the title."

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10:14p - On Youth

You're only young once, but you can be immature forever.

current mood: serene

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11:20p - On Writing -- Paul O'Neil

Always grab the reader by the throat in the first paragraph, sink your thumbs into his windpipe in the second and hold him against the wall until the tag line.
                                                        ~ Paul O'Neil

current mood: determined

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