February 18th, 2002


Refrigerator Art -- The Benediction (Used in "Candid Camera")


Soon, nearly every house boasts an old refrigerator on blocks behind it, covered in totem animals that pop out, painted warriors who loom menacingly overhead, weapons raised, famous scenes from the tribal history. They have become a status symbol. The initial efforts behind the school pale by comparison.

To insure the exclusivity of the tribe's work, a logo is designed and placed somewhere on all work done by members of the Stone Circles tribe, in addition to the signature of the individual artists or groups creating the artwork.

Following one tribal meeting, Despina's signature on her horses running through a decidedly Iowa-looking green pasture, flanked by green trees, not desert or mountains, suddenly sprouts the tribal logo.

As she contemplates the surprise addition, Bruno comments, "Is honor and acceptance. Is good."

She doesn't dare even whisper, "But I'm not an Indian."

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