October 4th, 2001


Locations Needed on a Map

Locations Needed on a Map


Broken Lance:

Ye Olde Watering Hole (Separate buildings are in italics if building/business is the same name)
Blissful Rest Motel
Sheriff's Office
Hardware store with vacant lot of refrigerators
Ellie's Cafe
Presbyterian Church
Baptist Church
Catholic Church
Alice's house
Vi's house
Cyril's house

Stone Circles

the school
Despina's hovel
Paul Peter's hovel
the German's hovel
María's house
Cheryl's house


Mountains and other land features:

Spirit Mountain
Mystery Mountain
Dances Dreams Woman's cave
waterfall/cave/swimming hole
Man Eater Arroyo
the River
Genio's hacienda
Camel's Hump
the fire circle
Bar J Ranch

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