September 16th, 2001


Aftermath, The Range War -- The Recurring Dream

Despina felt very on edge when the sheriff was called out into the parking lot to handle a problem.  Although she continued to dance with all comers, she was relieved when Paul Peter asked her. Here, at least, was a known quantity.

He leaned heavily on her for support.  Whispering loudly in her ear, he tried to convince her to leave.

As he returned with her, Mickey re-entered.

Depositing her roughly, Paul Peter left.

The sheriff resumed his seat, taking a long drink.

Nodding toward Paul Peter, Despina addresses the sheriff hesitantly.  "My friendover there suggested I leave, with him, of course, but the days when he can play Sir Lancelotto my Guinevere are long past."

She pauses, looking down at her clasped hands, mumbling a bit.  "I do, however, trust his social sense enough to actually leave.

"When he told us about the town last year in the school lunchroom, he mentioned that Ye Olde Watering Hole was the only place in town with air conditioning.  Then he evidently thought about what he'd just said and added a bit sheepishly, 'You wouldn't like it, though.'  He was right on both counts."

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Range War -- The Recurring Dream

"I'll do better than that. I'm off duty shortly. I'll drive you home."

"I don't think you'd better be gone that long. I smell a range war brewing. People are fixin'to play Cowboys and Indians,Cops and Robbers,whatever the locals indulge in when the men want to bruise knuckles, black eyes, bloody noses, or split lips, then relive their roles as he-menwith relish around their next round of drinks."

She looks thoughtfully at the sheriff, taking his measure. "Or is absenting yourself on a 'legitimate' mission your way to give tacit approval to their little indulgence in mayhem as a way to take the edge off so they don't build up enough of a head of steam to consider a house warming or tar and feathering a good idea?"

"You're everything I was led to believe you'd be, and then some."


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