July 9th, 2001


Appendix I -- Universal Themes

Universal Themes

1. Life is precious.

2. Everyone needs to feel loved.

3. Friendship is unconditional.

4. I see myself as unlovable. I am having trouble accepting myself just the way I am.

5. I am having trouble making wise choices.

6. I need help on how to fit in better, yet not compromise my own values.

7. I need help on how to decide if everything is real or the result of skewed perceptions.

8. Mysteries, by definition, cannot be explained away by logic and/or science.

9. The world is full of cultural conflicts. No matter how small your oyster is, if it contains others, cultural conflicts will pop up. If they don't, you will be LONELY.

10. In modern times, I see no relationship between truth and beauty. -- My 11th grade English teacher listed Universal Themes on the board for us one day. At or near the top was "Beauty is truth; truth, beauty." We then went on to study Keats and other poets of his day who firmly believed it. Tennyson, with his "God is in the heavens and all's right with the world," was naive even for his day.
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