April 28th, 2001


D's Comments after staying at the Blissful Rest


August 9.2002 8:44

After her wild escapade at the local motel, Despina contemplates the sign Blissful Rest.

In "Roommates", she comes up with Bits O'Rest and Seldom Rest.

Interrupted Rest is used in "Room to Let".

Attempted Rest, Fitful Rest, You’ll Never Rest , and Almost Restful Motel are in "First Attack".

Dareyata Rest appears in "Entrapment".

Her line, More like Never Rest from the experiences I've had! appears to have been omitted.

Add a comment (at campfire?) following First Attempt on Cu's life "Thought it was going to become Eternal Rest when I got a glimpse all those goons with guns running around. Ruined the best drunk I'd had all week."

Alphabetical listing:

    Almost Restful Motel
    Attempted Rest
    Bits O'Rest
    Dareyata Rest
    Dying to Rest

    Eternal Rest
    Fitful Rest
    Interrupted Rest
    Restless Arms Motel
    Seldom Rest
    You’ll Never Rest