April 27th, 2001


Parentage (Green Journal p. 35)

November 11, 2001 21:32

Juan, the indifferent, Cheryl's son with Cu's brother out of wedlock, always wanted to be Cu's real son, which leads to the DNA testing of the men in the county, which leads to Cu being John Quantico's son, not the chief's. Cu's other two children, Sarita and Alberto, eat their noon meal there and are frequent overnight visitors when Cu is away.

Cu and his brother are the father of their tribe, literally, as the brightest and the best, as sons of the chief, and due to the ability of tribe members to demand they sire one for the good of the tribe.

Despina assumes both are cooperative spirits.

Rumor in the bar the first night has it that Cu and his brother are the sire of 68 kids between them.
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