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Dramatic Voices -- Part II (3/11/06)

July 12, 2002 18:08

Dramatic Voices -- Part II

Despina decides to sing a song from her childhood, "John Rebeck".

Oh, Mr. John Rebeck,
How could you be so mean?
I told you you'd be sorry
For inventing that machine;
Now, all the neighbor's cats and dogs
Will never more be seen;
They'll all be ground to sausages
In John Rebeck's machine!

One day a little Dutch boy
Came walking in the store;
He bought a pound of sausages
and laid them on the floor;
He puckered up his little lips
And whistled a merry tune
And all the little sausages
Went dancing around the room.


One night the darn thing busted;
It simply wouldn't go,
So, John Rebeck, he crawled inside
To see what made it so;
His wife, she had a nightmare,
Came walking in her sleep;
She gave the crank a heck of a yank,
And John Rebeck was meat!


Interspersed with the song was her Spanish commentary/translation/embellishment.
Este hombre se llama Juan, y su apellido es Rebeck. No sé de qué país viene el nombre Rebeck. Parece muy estraño a mí, pero su nombre era.

"Oh, Mr. John Rebeck
Oh, sr. Juan Rebeck." She sings/says the line cadenced exactly as it is in the song, repeating it over and over, same exact intonation and noted until some join her. Then she moves on to the next call/response. Finally, she asks them to sing it with her.

She slips smoothly into the second line, in pieces. "How could you?/¿Cómo es posible qué... Este hombre es muy cruel. Su corazón es muy malo, muy duro. Es un hombre feroz. No es muy amable, y es un poco perezoso, también. No era tonto. Nunca era feliz.

"¿Cómo podría ser tan horrible?
Lo dije que puede sentir mal para inventar esa máquina."

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Campfire Conversations -- Trouble in Paradise (9/9/04)


Despina sits, open journal in her lap, very little writing going on, but lots of pen-tip chewing. (Used in Postage Stamp-Sized Hole)
(Used portion)
"Trouble in paradise," inquires an ever-curious Paul Peter.

"Uh, not really. You've got to get there, first."

"So, what's impeding the journey?"

"I guess it's that he seems to be one of those males who use words as if he's being charged $10.00 for each one he utters, when I value conversation."

Worked into Emissions 8/23/03. (Not there now, nor will it fit...)9/9/04.