December 17th, 2000


Please ID This Song For Me (Keith Urban: You'll Think Of Me)

One of the perils of coming home hopelessly late on a Friday night is having me super classical radio station switch to raccus JAZZ promptly at 10. After a few minutes trapped waiting for an endless freight train to release me so I could leave town, I began using the "skip" feature to tune in only stations that would play in the low, blocked area I was in.

Of course, you pull in stuff you never heard of, from places normally not accessable. I got a request show, email was the best way to reach the smooth voiced FEMALE DJ, and the first request really took my fancy. I loved the offbeat rhyming he was doing. Truth to tell, I don't know if I was hearing soft rock, country, or what... The next up song was requested by a teeneybopper style voice and was such that I skipped on...

Take your records and your freedom;
Take your (something); I don't need 'em;
Take your (blame?) and all your reason(s)
Take your (cat?), but leave my sweater;
We have nothing left to weather.

You'll thank me.

Chippy? You've been able to pick them out before. Do you recognize this piece? Artist? Genre?