December 16th, 2000


Coyote Oldman Music

Thunder Chord
Primary Artist: Coyote Oldman
1991 CD

Song List
1.   Ascent
2.   Thunder Chord
3.   Turtle Island
4.   Medicine Flute
5.   Planting
6.   Field Of Clouds
7.   Wind Shadows
8.   Shining Prairie

Album Credits
Barry Stramp, Engineer
Michael G. Allen, Engineer
Barry Stramp, Producer
Michael G. Allen, Producer

Album Notes
Coyote Oldman: Michael Graham Allen, Barry Stramp (various flutes).

House Made Of Dawn
Primary Artist: Coyote Oldman
1999 CD

Song List
1.   Into The Vast
2.   Strength
3.   Light And Mist
4.   House Made Of Dawn
5.   Luminous Expanse
6.   Sweet Morning
7.   Dawn World
8.   Standing On Earth
9.   Walk In My World
10.   Restoration
11.   Swim In Light
12.   Rise
13.   Abundance
14.   In Warm Velvet Darkness
15.   Returning Always
16.   Emergence

Album Notes
Coyote Oldman: Michael Graham Allen (new world flutes, medicine flutes, pan pipes); Barry Stramp (moern bass flute, pan pipes, programming).

Producers: Michael Graham Allen, Barry Stramp.

Engineers: Michael Graham Allen, Barry Stramp.

Both arrived in time for semester tests. About half of the classes were mellowed out to the sounds. If anyone said, "no" for ANY reason, no music.