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Saturday, November 11th, 2000
2:28p - Ragnar Describing ? SOTFW-MF

Alán? Álan? Cílan? a place? a person? I can't remember and did not put enough down to be sure...

"The structure is basically sound; it has indoor/outdoor plumbing; the furnace still works; it may need a little re-shoring? refurbishing? restoring? restringing? here and there; the pipes are still good, but it needs a new thatch job.

Describing his cottage in the woods where Despina spends part of an iced-in winter? Describing singer Alan Reid of the Battlefield Band? And, if so, how was I planning to work HIM into the story, and WHY? I hate it when "cool inspiration" strikes, but I don't execute it far enough right then to be helpful when I'm REALLY awake...

Ah, see Sunday, May 2nd, 1999
7:52a - Leanna's Mother Visits

A GREAT use of it!

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