November 2nd, 2000


Consequences (11/17/04 WC: 209) SOTFW-MF
November 2, 2000 17:33:00


"Where've you been, partner?"

"Solving a mystery," Macon replies criptically.

"Right.  Like, what was in that special we ate for lunch?"

"Remember that older woman, Leanna, that we met when we came in off patrol?"

"Vaguely.  Quite a homely lass, and timid, I think."

"She was brought here, but not given an ID number to order with.  She has NO food at all in her room, and has not taken the orientation tour.  She's installed an old-fashioned deadbolt on her door, and disabled Big Brother.  Then she tried to PAY with US money for her meal..."

"Making a poor adjustment?"

"Not even being given the tools necessary to be able to make an adjustment, in my opinion.  I wonder who her Guardian is?"

"I don't have a clue, but if you don't get into some serious cold weather gear pronto, we're going to be late for duty."

As they hurriedly exit through the foyer area ten minutes later, Bruel blocks their way.  "What’re you trying to pull, Macon? You're not on Guardian duty.  I don't remember asking for any assistance."  His chin juts out insolently.

Ducking under his outstretched arm, Macon says, "Yup.  I concur.  You're 100% right; I'm NOT on Guardian duty.  Nothing soft about me.  Heading out on patrol right now."

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