June 23rd, 1999


On Weathering the Worst -- Cher ("The Dowry") SOTFW-SC


I figure what's the worst that could happen?  I could fail.  I've done that.
                                                                                                            ~ Cher

On What's Within -- Ralph Waldo Emerson ("Wedding Gifts?") SOTFW-SC


That only which we have within, can we see without.  If we meet no Gods, it is because we harbor none.  If there is a grandeur in you, you will find grandeur in porters and sweeps.
                                                                                                    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Why Wind Energy -– American Wind Energy Association ("Class Projects") SOTFW-SC


Why wind energy?

Wind is abundant. Scientists estimate that U.S. wind resources can supply more than three times our total electricity needs.

Wind is domestic. Unlike oil and, increasingly, natural gas, wind energy does not need to be imported, and helps to reduce our dependence on foreign countries.

Wind is inexhaustible. Unlike fossil fuels or uranium, wind energy is renewable and can be used without reducing the birthright of future generations.

Wind is clean. While displacing greenhouse gas emissions, using wind also avoids other harmful fossil fuel pollutants such as mercury, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides, making our air and water cleaner and healthier.

                                                               ~ American Wind Energy Association, "Wind Energy and Climate Change"

On Work -- Joseph Conrad ("New Dance: The Recurring Dream") SOTFW-SC


I don't like work... but I like what is in work -- the chance to find yourself. Your own reality -- for yourself, not for others -- which no other man can ever know.
                                                                                      ~ Joseph Conrad