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June 1999 - pandemo
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by pandemo:

02:58 am: Acceptance Speech for the Nobel Prize -- John Steinbeck ("Dramatic Voices") SOTFW-SC
06:51 am: On Accomplishing Wonders -- George P. Burnham ("Vows") SOTFW-SC
07:58 am: On Achievement -- Thomas N. Carruther ("Tail Lights") SOTFW-SC
08:26 am: Acts of Kindness - William Wordsworth ("Blabbermouth") SOTFW-SC
10:00 am: On Adversity -- Henry Fielding ("Attempted Arrest -- The Cave") SOTFW-SC
10:12 am: On Adversity -- Washington Irving ("Range War III") SOTFW-SC - 2 comments
11:09 am: On Ambition -- Charlie McCarthy ("Jello") SOTFW-SC
01:22 pm: Apt Metaphor -- Louis L'Amour ("The Rescue") SOTFW-SC - 2 comments
05:00 pm: On Attitudes -- Anonymous ("Aftermath, the Range War -- RD") [now Journal Entry] SOTFW-SC

03:07 am: On Bad News -- Colin Powell ("The News Is Bad/The News Is Good/Isn't It?") SOTFW-ML
03:24 am: On Bathing -- Sylvia Plath ("Pressing Matters") SOTFW-ML
07:18 am: On Being Human -- Mark Twain ("An Ill Wind") SOTFW-SC
03:10 pm: On Bittersweet Endings -- W. H. Auden ("Cliff Hanger") SOTFW-SC
04:05 pm: On Books -- Francis Bacon ("It's a Wonderful Place") SOTFW-ITD
05:59 pm: On Bath Tubs -- Ezra Pound (Removed from "La Bañera -- Español" 8/13/04) SOTFW-SC
06:27 pm: On Bathing -- Anonymous ("La Bañera") SOTFW-SC

01:16 am: On Castles -- Gilbert K. Chesterton ("Mountain Castle") SOTFW-ML
02:16 am: On Ceremony -- George Gurdjeiff ("Royal Ceremony") SOTFW-ML
02:52 am: On Caring -- Henri Nouwen ("On to Stockholm") SOTFW-ML
10:10 am: On Change -- Walt Kennedy ("Conversational Gambit in Finland") SOTFW-ML
11:21 am: On Character -- Phillips Brooks (...and the Bees -- RD") [now Journal Entry] SOTFW-SC
11:31 am: On Having Children -- Elizabeth Stone ("Not Needed") SOTFW-ML - 1 comment
11:42 am: On Choices -- Anonymous ("At Bay") SOTFW-SC
11:47 am: On Coincidence -- Simon Van Booy, Love Begins in Winter: Five Stories ("Alone in Oslo!") SOTFW-ML
12:00 pm: On Conspiracy Theories ― Gary Hopkins ("Conspiracy Revealed!") SOTFW-ML
02:14 pm: On Computer Translations -- Anonymous ("First Meeting -- The Dream") SOTFW-SC
02:19 pm: On Confusion -- Tom Peters ("La Desaparecida") SOTFW-SC
02:30 pm: On Control -- Anonymous (Taking Tex Home") SOTFW-SC - 2 comments
02:58 pm: On Copenhagen -- Bjarke Ingels ("Beautiful Downtown Copenhagen") SOTFW-ML
04:07 pm: On Courage -- Sir Winston Churchill ("Show and Tell") SOTFW-SC

02:15 am: On Dancing -- Friedrich Nietzsche ("Cinderella, Anyone?") SOTFW-ML
04:45 am: On Death -- Emily Dickinson ("Demise!") SOTFW-ML
05:35 am: On Departures - Tennessee Williams ("The Departure") SOTFW-ML
05:42 am: On Depression -- Lesley Hazelton in The Right to Feel Bad ("Combating Depression") SOTFW-ML
08:40 am: On Destinations -- Yogi Berra ("Oh, Are You Going to the Palace, Too?") SOTFW-ML
10:14 am: On Democracy -- James Bovard ("Dinner, Anyone?") SOTFW-ML
12:57 pm: On Doing Good -- Tillotson ("Going To Meeting") SOTFW-SC
01:00 pm: On Dragons -- Anonymous ("Fire Breathing Dragon") SOTFW-SC
04:00 pm: On Dreams -- Anonymous ("Ye Olde Watering Hole") SOTFW-SC
04:08 pm: On Dreams -- Henry David Thoreau ("The Arrival -- The Recurring Dream ") SOTFW-SC
04:21 pm: On Dreams -- John Updike ("The Recurring Dream") SOTFW-SC

01:06 am: East is East by Ray Evans - Jay Livingston ("East is East") SOTFW-SC
10:17 pm: On Experience -- Eleanor Roosevelt ("Drama In Real Life") SOTFW-ML

04:43 am: On Facing Fear -- Eleanor Roosevelt ("Drama In Real Life") SOTFW-ML
05:07 am: On Fingers ("From the Top") SOTFW-ITD
08:40 am: On Fire Ants -- Jack Shafer ("Pest Invasion") SOTFW-SC
12:43 pm: On Flings -- Chris Stevens ("Joy in the Morning") SOTFW-ML
06:35 pm: On Friendship -- George Elliot ("Rejected, Dejected") SOTFW-SC

09:45 am: Gossamer -- F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Offshore Pirate," ("Winter Isolation") SOTFW-ML
12:45 pm: On Gossip -- Will Rogers ("Parentage") SOTFW-SC
03:00 pm: On Great Joys -- Anonymous ("Swatted") SOTFW-SC

01:57 am: On Happiness -- John D. Rockefeller, III ("El Alfabeto") SOTFW-SC
07:15 am: On Help -- A. P. Gouthey ("Refrigerator Art -- Intermezzo") SOTFW-SC
07:30 am: On Helping -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe ("Range War -- The Recurring Dream") SOTFW-SC
08:30 am: On Hope -- Anonymous ("Final Jeopardy -- Summer's End") SOTFW-SC
09:42 am: On Love and Marriage -- Lori Handeland, A Soldier's Quest
07:15 pm: On Horse Power -- Anonymous ("Before the Mike") SOTFW-SC

07:58 am: On Imagination -- Albert Einstein ("Class Projects") SOTFW-SC
08:03 am: On Imagination -- Henry James ("Refrigerator Art -- The Blessing") SOTFW-SC
08:36 am: On Important Words -- Anonymous ("Letters -- Campfire Conversations") SOTFW-SC

09:13 pm: On Justice -- St. Thomas Aquinas ("Board Talk") SOTFW-SC

03:51 am: On Knowledge --Unknown ("Playing Hooky") SOTFW-SC
04:33 pm: On Kindness Vs. Violence -- Darrell Scott ("First Attack") SOTFW-SC

07:40 am: On Life -- Larry Niven ("Wall Flower") SOTFW-SC
06:58 pm: On Life -- Unknown ("The Rescue") SOTFW-SC
07:33 pm: On Libraries -- Unknown ("The Library After Lunch") SOTFW-SC
10:10 pm: On Living Life -- Darwin ("Evening's Entertainment") SOTFW-ML

02:04 am: On Morality -- Henry David Thoreau (Used in "Morality", SOTFW- ML)
10:35 am: On Marriage -- Socrates ("Moccasins") SOTFW-SC

04:40 am: O Norway -- Jonas Gahr Store (On to Norway!) SOTFW-ML
06:18 am: On the Nature of Dreaming -- Henry David Thoreau ("The Arrival -- Recurring Dream ") SOTFW-SC
09:30 am: On Nature -- Forrest Tucker ("Candid Camera") SOTFW-SC
09:46 am: The Nature of Life - Danish proverb ("Under Construction") SOTFW-SC
12:03 pm: On Notoriety ― Emily Thorne ("Flaming Princess Eludes Pursuit") SOTFW-ML

04:10 am: On Order -- Unknown ("Pesticide") SOTFW-SC
07:25 am: Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' -- Rogers and Hammerstein ("Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin") SOTFW-SC
12:47 pm: On Oslo -- tourist comment ("Oslo Impressions") SOTFW-ML
02:03 pm: On Outlook -- Unknown ("Refrigerator Art -- Set-up") SOTFW-SC
06:37 pm: On Overcoming Difficulties -- Winston Churchill ("Refrigerator Art, Some Assembly Required") SOTFW-S

01:28 am: On Paranoia --Robert Anton Wilson ("Nightmare") SOTFW-SC
02:48 am: On Parenthood -- Elizabeth Stone ("Not Needed") SOTFW-ML
04:13 pm: On People -- Anonymous ("The Fertility Clinic Conversation") SOTFW-SC
04:30 pm: On Perseverance -- Ayn Rand ("Invasion") SOTFW-SC
06:20 pm: On Pleasure -- Walter Bagehot ("The Water Pitcher -- Finale") SOTFW-SC
09:13 pm: On Problems -- Frank A. Clark ("What's Next, Boss") SOTFW-ML

01:11 am: On Rain -- Lord Bowen ("Patient") SOTFW-SC
06:23 pm: On Romance -- Oscar Wilde ("Drat That Woman, Anyway!") SOTFW-ML
08:30 pm: On Romance -- Oscar Wilde ("NO Romance Possible This Summer?") SOTFW-ML

05:16 am: On Self-Pity -- Susanna Kaysen ("Room For Let") SOTFW-SC
08:25 am: On Sex -- Anonymous ("The Cave") SOTFW-SC
08:39 am: On Sex -- Lord Chesterfield ("Bank Questionnaire") SOTFW-SC - 1 comment
09:00 am: On Sex -- Mark Twain ("Romantic Nonsense") SOTFW-SC
09:03 am: On Sex --Murphy's Law ("Romantic Interlude?") SOTFW-SC
09:05 am: On Sex -- Oscar Wilde ("Propina -- The Recurring Dream") SOTFW-SC
11:23 am: On Sex Appeal -- Sophia Loren ("Snake in the Grass") SOTFW-SC
11:30 am: On Sexuality -- Henry Havelock Ellis ("Circles of Fire") SOTFW-SC
12:00 pm: On Showering -- Nolan Bushnell ("Room to Let") SOTFW-SC - 10 comments
04:55 pm: On Souls -- Bridges ("Pinch Hitter") SOTFW-SC
05:52 pm: On Special People -- Unknown ("Roommates") SOTFW-SC
11:27 pm: On Suffering -- Anne Morrow Lindbergh (in "The Rescue -- The Recurring Dream" SOTFW-SC DIGJ

01:43 am: On Temptation -- The Same Anonymous Nano Novelist ("Aftermath of the Arrest") SOTFW-SC
02:56 am: Thank You -- Edgar Allan Poe ("My Teacher's Thank You") SOTFW-ML
10:49 am: On Thoughts -- Robert Browning ("Playing Hooky") SOTFW-SC
11:31 am: On Thoughts -- Ralph Waldo Emerson ("Needs and Wants") SOTFW-SC
11:40 am: On Time -- David O. McKay ("Rehab") SOTFW-SC
12:35 pm: On Touch -- Leo Buscaglia ("The Power of a Touch") SOTFW-ML
12:40 pm: On Touch -- Charles Dickens ("Oslo Surprise") SOTFW-ML
01:47 pm: On Travel -- Saint Augustine ("Scandinavian Tour Details") SOTFW-ML
01:55 pm: On Traveling -- Robert Louis Stevenson ("Do I Really Want To Go?") SOTFW-ML
02:01 pm: On Traveling Far -- Glenn Clark (beginning quote) SOTFW-SC
06:58 pm: On Travels -- Anonymous ("Elemental Forces") SOTFW-SC
11:10 pm: On the Triumph of Evil -- Edmund Burke ("Entrapment") SOTFW-SC
11:31 pm: On Trudging -- Geoffrey Chaucer ("Doing the Tourist Trudge") SOTFW-ML
11:46 pm: On Truth -- Lynn Andrews ("Under Construction -- The Recurring Dream") SOTFW-SC

02:00 am: On Uncertainty ― Alice Hoffman, Here on Earth ("Still Undecided") SOTFW-ML
04:25 pm: On Using What God Gave Us -- Galileo Galilei ("As the Wind Blows") SOTFW-SC

09:04 am: On Vegetarians -- Gry Jannicke Jarlum ("Cathedral-Like Silences") SOTFW-SC

12:04 am: On Walking - Ellen DeGeneres ("Walked Into the Ground") SOTFW-ML
12:30 am: On Water -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge ("The Water Pitcher -- Part I") SOTFW-SC
05:15 am: On Weathering the Worst -- Cher ("The Dowry") SOTFW-SC
08:22 am: On What's Within -- Ralph Waldo Emerson ("Wedding Gifts?") SOTFW-SC - 3 comments
08:17 pm: Why Wind Energy -– American Wind Energy Association ("Class Projects") SOTFW-SC
09:50 pm: On Work -- Joseph Conrad ("New Dance: The Recurring Dream") SOTFW-SC