April 28th, 1999


The Conspiracy's Spread (11/8/04 Word count: 454) SOTFW-ML

The Conspiracy's Spread

Tore calls out to Eric, elated, "I found him! Her husband! He is actually strong enough to register faintly, once I knew to look in Arizona. We need to treat him pronto if we want to save him, however. He's going to need a full reconstruct."

The priest moves over to examine the traces of life essence Tore has isolated. "Yes, that's fantastic. I wish we'd located his mother while she was still living. Can we locate the grave? Even a bone fragment might be enough. Where's Ragnar?"

"Somewhere in Sweden, I think."

"Well, get word to him at once. We need input about retrieval without animosity from the US end of things."

Checking to be sure Eric has really left, Tore contacts the hotel he knows Ragnar spent the night in. Pressing the urgent nature of the message upon the hapless desk clerk, he insists that the note be delivered at once, regardless of the early hour. "Yes, the Royal suit. Immediately, if not sooner. Send his favorite maid up with the note. I'm sure he can think of a way to repay her for the extra time..."

Once he's got that piece of business in hand, he lines up a straight flight to Flagstaff for the royal jet. US customs are not inclined to be sticky, in light of the recent international debate over the ultimate fate of the Indian children. Once that chore is over, he lines up two suitable nurses to shepherd the children through the intricacies of international travel. The queen's foresight in lining up passports for them on an emergency basis is about to pay off. Deciding to ship one of the two horses that roam the range at will, but belong to Despina (who entrusted their care to Cu in one of her much debated marriages to him), he authorizes a false floor that will really contain Cu, or what's left of him.

Checking with Egil, the Viking agent the Queen sent to Arizona to arrange for the passport applications and photos of the children, Tore sends the exact location of Cu's aura via geostationary orbit. He describes the false bottom the horse stall is to have, and leaves no doubt that the man will forfeit his life if Cu is NOT in there when it arrives. He leaves it to his discretion what horse to bring.

When he learns later that day of the canyon's inaccessibility where Cu's body rests, he authorizes a helicopter to ferry it out. He hates to hire someone not of Norwegian blood to do it, but he has no choice. He's well aware of the American foundation hidden in Mountain Fastness trying to trace their work, beat them to a true-breeding line.

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Word count: 454
Reading Level:7.0