June 18th, 1998


CNN Reporter Friend Brandon Gannon -- SOTFW-SC

CNN Reporter Friend Brandon Gannon

The first time Despina sees her future friend, Brandon Gannon, is when she talks him out of printing a sensationalized story that will destroy Cu's trust in him and ruin the "far bigger" story she promises him exists.

Despina and Cu are on their way to Flagstaff to visit a fertility clinic. The CNN reporter has happened into the same diner, sitting in the booth with his back to them. He happens to be bilingual, and have VERY BIG ears.

Despina is facing his back. This gives him a great opportunity, for she is the chatty one of the two.

One of her hang-ups with her budding romance with Cu is the fulfilling of his "tribal obligation." She knows in her heart, if she lets herself fall for him, that will be a constant dig at her sense of well-being, something that she can't just overlook and pass off as part of a culture she does not share. When the truth finally comes out, she discovers that he is NOT enthusiastic about it, contrary to local gossip about his brother and him. It is worrisome and not enjoyed.

When Despina points out that publishing what he overheard would cause even more discord, she gives Brandon pause. He has never thought of his job as disruptive to people's lives.

In the show-down in the boarding house, Despina calls Brandon, who comes with his Hispanic cameraman, films the two on the roof, go into the cellar, get trapped in there with Mickey, Cu, the top dog agent, a cell phone tuned to the Washington, D.C. Ombusdman, and a second phone used to call Tony to unlock cellar door. It is going to explode if messed with, and the bomb squad is called in, Vi is evacualted, as is the neighborhood.

(Maybe these guys are US Marshalls... DEA agents, FBI)

When the final show-down comes, the CNN helicopter with the news camera and powerful spotlight beats the government helicopter to the scene. Thus the big blow-up is witnessed world wide and live as it happens.

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