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Cast of Characters/Glossary - PatM/SoTFW (WC: 1040)


Cast of Characters - Propinquity and the Mesmerizer (Or the Power of Proximity in Human Relationships) (Paroxysms?)

Obie -- Old Biddy, sometimes Old Bat -- full name O.B. Horsefeathers

Jeremiah -- full name Jeremiah Athon Hagrath, young tycoon actor, most famous role at age 21, playing Donato, the clichéd bad boy lover who sullies the MC's fiancée in Pearls Thrown Before Swine
(Yes, I am aware that the fake film's title is from Matthew 7:6)

Harry -- old actor, former leading male -- Over the Hill and Racing Pell-Mell Down the Far Side Actor
-- full name Hirrong Fairnwaith

Robbie -- even older actor, cowboy, former leading male, -- full name Rempin Robyaltram, nicknamed Randy Rascal by his numerous enemies

(Before anyone decides they've heard of six of these unlikely names, remember that after trying to dream up unlikely ones, then pushing them into Goggle and FINDING people with those names, I gave up and used a random character generator. Harder to remember, but safer by far... I may do the same with the minor characters if they develop bigger parts.)

Billy Makowski -- top cameraman, craves the new, the adventurous

Huston - Jeremiah's Chauffeur and bodyguard

Lela - Jeremiah's Housekeeper

Matt - Jeremiah's agent

Tom Tasunke Four Ponies - man Obie picks to play Cu.  Real name Tasunke: Native American Dakota name meaning "horse".

Jint -- young sweet-natured singer tycoon, enabler personality –- full name Jintam Granbert, nicknamed Jint.

Dee -- -- Dark, curly hair, early 20's, technophile, math whiz, creative genius mechanically/visually, excellent "eye", sense of absurd, soft-spoken, passive, shy, content to be "invisible" -- Oh, doesn’t he want to be Claudius something or other?  Maybe.  Nicknamed Dee.

Cast of Characters - Sequel's Finale (Denouement?)

Brian (BP) -- a "gas", homosexual, Basset horn player, choir director, jazz man/composer with tons of talent, unassuming college professor, unwilling to be photographed – full name Brian Psalter

Cido (PD) -- formerly poor, now a top tenor, fussy, focused, demanding, fun loving, loves formal events, dressing up/showplaces, wants everything perfect.

AA -- Ádam --his Greek drop dead gorgeous, sensual, superbly organized assistant, confidant, right hand man, talented writer/singer/composer in his own right, dedicated to PD, bisexual?

Ahlan AR -- Aged to the point of being feeble Gaelic speaking singer/Scottish folk music advocate, humorous, reedy tenor, witty, keyboardist, composer, keeper of old traditions, a font of all things folksy in Scottish music

Ragnar -- Walk-on from Sequel, Alpha male, wants to bed/impregnate Despina's sister Leanna and remove fertilized eggs without her knowledge, runs afoul of OB.


Why a glossary attached to a script? Blame my sister, who is a reasonably well-educated, bright, high-functioning gal. When I told her I was writing something called Propinquity and the Mesmerizer, she replied that she didn't even know what that meant. So off to dictionary.com I went, supplying her with things she DID know. And began listing it all here, in alphabetical order... (Yes, I seriously DID consider order of appearance....)

fi·na·gle [fi-ney-guhl] -gled, -gling.

    –verb (used with object) 1. to trick, swindle, or cheat (a person) (often fol. by out of): He finagled the backers out of a fortune. 2. to get or achieve (something) by guile, trickery, or manipulation: to finagle an assignment to the Membership Committee. –verb (used without object) 3. to practice deception or fraud; scheme. Also, fenagle. [Origin: 1925–30, Americanism; finaig- (var. of fainaigue) -le] —Related forms fi·na·gler, noun Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006. fi·na·gle (fə-nā'gəl) v. fi·na·gled, fi·na·gling, fi·na·gles Informal v. tr. To obtain or achieve by indirect, usually deceitful methods: finagle a day off from work. To cheat; swindle: shady stockbrokers who finagle their clients out of fortunes. v. intr. To use crafty, deceitful methods. [Probably from dialectal fainaigue, to cheat.] fi·na'gler n.

mes'mer·i·za'tion (-mər-ĭ-zā'shən) n., mes'mer·iz'er n.

mes·mer·ize [mez-muh-rahyz, mes-]
    –verb (used with object), -ized, -iz·ing. 1. to spellbind; fascinate; enthrall: "He could mesmerize an audience by the sheer force of his presence" (Justin Kaplan). 2. to hypnotize. 3. to compel by fascination. Also, especially British, mes·mer·ise. [Origin: 1820–30; mesmer(ism) + -ize] —Related forms mes·mer·i·za·tion, noun mes·mer·iz·er, noun

non sequitur [(non sek-wuh-tuhr)]

    A thought that does not logically follow what has just been said: “We had been discussing plumbing, so her remark about astrology was a real non sequitur.” Non sequitur is Latin for “It does not follow.”

par·ox·ysm (pār'ək-sĭz'əm)
    noun. A sudden outburst of emotion or action: a paroxysm of laughter. A sudden attack, recurrence, or intensification of a disease. A spasm or fit; a convulsion. par'ox·ys'mal (-ək-sĭz'məl) adj., par'ox·ys'mal·ly adv.

    noun the property of being close together [syn: proximity]

Word of the Day Archive -- Monday February 21, 2000
propinquity \pruh-PING-kwih-tee\, noun:
    1. Nearness in place; proximity. 2. Nearness in time. 3. Nearness of relation; kinship. Following the race he took umbrage at Stewart's rough driving so early in the day, and the propinquity of the two drivers' haulers allowed the Kid to express his displeasure up close and personal. -- Mark Bechtel, "Getting Hot", Sports Illustrated, December 6, 2000 Technologically it is the top service among the women's fighting forces, and it also has the appeal of propinquity to gallant young airmen. -- "After Boadicea -- Women at War", Time Europe, October 9, 1939 I was stunned by the propinquity of the events: I had never been in the same room with anyone who was later murdered. -- Karla Jay, Tales of the Lavender Menace Schultz came by her position through propinquity: her husband, older by 12 years, used to play music with De Maiziere and afterward chat about politics. -- Johanna McGeary, "Challenge In the East", Time, November 8, 1990

shuck (shŭk)
    noun A husk, pod, or shell, as of a pea, hickory nut, or ear of corn. The shell of an oyster or clam. Informal Something worthless. Often used in the plural: an issue that didn't amount to shucks. transitive verb shucked, shuck·ing, shucks To remove the husk or shell from. Informal To cast off: shucked their coats and cooled off; a city trying to shuck a sooty image. interj. shucks (shŭks) Used to express mild disappointment, disgust, or annoyance. [Origin unknown. Interj., alteration of shit.] shuck'er n.

Last updated 6/26/07. (Format Fix -- 6/3/07 -- Glossary heading, words added) (6/2/07 -- Headline and bold formatting, Ádam.)

Word Count: 1040
Reading Level: 7.8
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No Plot, No Problem -- NaNo 2007 (WC: 1878)


Nov. 1, the start of NANO, found me knee deep in parent-teacher conferences. We’re supposed to write about something new, but the things playing in my head are the future plot problems of Propinquity and the Mesmerizer, perhaps.

Obie is philosophical and noble and dying inside. Jeremiah has found an age appropriate, lovely inside and out, love interest while filming in Paris. Obie wants desperately to dislike her, but can’t. He’s actually chosen two women in a row who are GOOD for him.

Things hardly look rosy for his future, however. Someone is slipping him something that is addling him. He will eventually wind up in an institution, in California, (the new woman in France, Obie back teaching in Iowa,) heavily drugged, while someone gets the power of attorney and absconds with all his money. The police suspect Obie, but the prenups give her NOTHING of his if things fall apart, and she insisted he sign that part. They were so funny -- each making the other one be okay if things went awry. Both realize the biological time clocks are set against them. They expect him to have to fine another mate when she’s too old to be a wife any more and is institutionalized, but not HIM.

One of the Indians, the man who plays CU, calls her at work one day in the late fall, telling her to get to him, and where he is. She goes armed with a policeman, a lawyer, a computer whiz, news vans (acquired accidentally), and an ambulance with a full complement of large, burly attendants, a nurse, and a doctor. She uses the policeman first, then the lawyer. After an exciting 30 minutes, she emerges with Jeremiah on a gurney, the lawyer and computer whiz have purged his name from the institution’s records, they have no clue who poisoned him, or whatever, have analyzed the meds he’s currently on (which give grounds for making mischief for the clinic), have all his records, and have samples of what he’s been given and drawn blood for analysis. No clue who instigated it, but are turning the investigative reporters loose. It is a real feeding frenzy, but Jeremiah does NOT get named or pictured in the fracas.

The money trail is obliterated. The best suspect is Vicki, the stepmother. Obie runs off to Iowa to her trailer house with him and nurses him back to health. A shaky Jeremiah and overprotective Obie do yet another Live on Larry King stint. They sing “God Bless the Day I Found You” leaving not a dry eye. Their prenup agreement is read on air. John Q Public is incensed, and after the culprit who is causing these popular people woe.

Where’s Obie been lately? Somewhere in Propinquity, she gets separated from the movie company as they head to Norway to film with Leche. Harry, Robbie, Billy and Jeremiah go off to Norway with Leche and film gorgeous footage in the mountains and fjords. Harry is super as the Viking lover, and the Despina gal from TX is just perfect for both Harry and Jeremiah. She’s Obie’s handpicked younger version to replace herself as Jeremiah’s wife, eventually. She can’t stand to think of it, but she KNOWS it must happen.

Obie runs afoul of Prince William. His unit is doing homeland security, British style, and he recognizes Obie’s HORSE as one he’s been watching from a farm he’s been watching via the Internet for years. He snitches her passport, passes everyone else through, and ambushes her. Somehow, she just can’t take royalty seriously, and manages not to offend anyone BUT Charles and the US Protocol officer. He’s a royal (pun intended) pain in the butt, far too ready to kiss royal butts as part of his job. He FORBIDS Obie to go to the palace, but that, of course, is exactly where William takes her.

He, like Jeremiah, has to dress her appropriately first. She has absolutely NO clothes sense and even less interest in gaining one. The state dinner is great fun for her and Wm, but scandalous to some, especially the US Protocol Officer.

Afterward, they end up in the stables with the queen. She and Obie get on the same wavelength immediately. Obie is given the rankest TB in the barn, dumps her within the first two minutes, dumps her again, and yet again, then rides off as though they'd been paired all the mare's life. The hunt is not much to Obie's taste, but as the Queen's guest, she gets into the thick of it, and discovers she's the best-mounted person there. The mare loves it, so Obie sticks tight to the hounds, even ahead of the hunt master at times, without intending to. The queen is delighted. They change mounts. The court is horrified, but the queen exhilarated.

Wm’s unit is deployed right before a big event his top mare is entered in. His younger brother rides her in the stadium jumping, but just flat refuses to take her cross-country, claiming the mare is crazy. Obie does, and rides her very carefully, conservatively, but wins handily. She rides bareback, again scandalizing all. The prize is in doubt due to the “illegal” outfit, but Obie says anyone with eyeballs can plainly see that the mare was carrying nearly double the prince’s weight, and still won. She didn’t care about the prize one way or the other, only with meeting obligations and not hurting the mare, who was a superior animal in any crowd. She shamed her detractors, who then had to go with the British sense of fair play.

Charles locates her passport just in time for the movie company to return through Heathrow to the US. She and Jeremiah take off independently on a tour of Europe, and touch lightly in Egypt to visit a few Arabian farms.

Mid-August arrives, and Jeremiah is off on location to yet another movie set, while Obie returns to Iowa to teach. The Queen buys Leche, contingent on her completion of her movie duties, as with her color pattern, a dye job on another horse is impossible.

Prior to this, Jeremiah has asked to learn to ride, and Obie teaches him on Leche. They bond, and he is riding her on a beach in CA (supposedly SA) when a piece of farm equipment escapes from a passing semi, sails across the beach and lands in the path he and Leche are running repeatedly in take after take. The site is just over a small rise, and only Billie is shooting from that spot. Obie has a flash of the future and bellows "Drop and roll" to Jeremiah, the emergency dismount command he's been forced to learn at every gait as he learned to ride. He does, on camera, right before the crest of the hill. The mare is unable to stop in time and is sliced up terribly, both forelegs broken on impact. A security guard shoots her for Obie, who will not even go look. A soundman comes over to her and places his headphones on her ears, giving her loud rock music to blot out the pistol's sound. Not realizing how attached Jeremiah is to the mare, nobody thinks to give him the same relief. Someone on set has an age appropriate pistol and he is given it, then crosses the hilltop after the set crew have camouflaged the machinery to look like a deadwood pile.

Tears streaming down his face, Jeremiah points the gun at Leche's head and pulls the trigger, turning away instantly. The footage is stupendous.

In a Live on Larry King appearance, Billie airs the clip, and everyone is stunned.

"Fantastic acting, guy," Larry says, throat thick.

Obie snorts. “Nobody in tears was acting that day. Nobody could. Even the queen came to her funeral. We had her cremated at a local funeral parlor, and she had a bigger attendance than most people ever manage. We even laundered the sand on the beach.” Obie downplayed her command that saved Jeremiah’s life, but people in the know started to look at her a bit funny afterward. Since three cameras were running, the timing was undeniable.

While filming parts of The Saga of Travels Far Woman: Summercircles that is referred to in Propinquity and the Mesmerizer, Obie and Jeremiah slip into a traditional Indian stronghold that is a three hour walk from civilization and closed to Whites, even those willing to hike. No cameras of any kind are allowed. Cu arranged for their marriage ceremony to be conducted in strict accord with local custom, and so it was, observed by nearly 50 Whites and over 500 Indians of several tribes. Upon exit from the area, a small town magistrate deep in Indian country and sympathetic to their plight, recorded the nuptials as a matter of public record, but since the area did not even boast a computer, the likelihood of it leaking out was minuscule, which was the main attraction of recording there.

Eventually the carefully kept secret wedding was publicized, with the predictable negative effect on Jeremiah's movie career. He continued public appearances with various pulchritudinous starlets on his arm, but the public was not fooled as to where his affections lie. Obie went a long way to promoting it when she announced Live on Larry King her campaign to have Jeremiah featured in some vehicle in full frontal nudity, up close and personal, even if she had to write it herself. Blush city for her young consort. Not only did she write the scene, but picked which movie to insert it in, AND the actress who was the recipient of his amorous attentions. Things on camera were not going well for director RR, so Obie took Jeremiah off camera after five hours of spectacular failure, for he was to be ARMED and DANGEROUS in the scene. She got him hot in seconds, then took him out and played the girl's role while the actress "rested" in her camper, un-notified. When his face and body were in the can, she was brought out, and Obie told her privately what to do with one finger, camera CU, what special dialog to say, the style of voice to say it in, and her side was shot, then the rolling around on the floor bit, which was quite superfluous to the actual movie. Viewers were disinterested in the groping after all the camera CU star views provided in the build-up.

RR was supplied with the traditional Director's Cut version, a Billy and Obie G version that was really sweet and light-hearted, but thrilling, a PG version, a PG-13 version, an R version, and a XXX. The shot of Leche in response to a pasture amour Billy filmed in Iowa somehow found its way into the viewing room that day and brought the house down.

You've Never Really Been Kissed statues with a huge red felt horsey tongue attached became the trophy for the Saga series.

Viking Dreams -- Harry is Ragnar, actually filmed in Norway with Leche. This is right after the secret wedding, and HRP Wm gloms onto Obie's passport... Jeremiah and crew film without her rewrites being done on scenes by pulling them off the Internet -- awkward, at best.

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Propinquity and the Mesmerizer: Cast of Characters (WC: 65)


Alternate Titles:
Propinquity: Or the Power of Proximity in Human Relationships.
Paroxysms of Propinquity

Cast of Characters:

OB: Old Biddy, sometimes Old Bat or worse.

YTA: Young Tycoon Actor

HF: Over the Hill and Racing Pell-Mell Down the Far Side Actor

RR: Randy Rascal, old cowboy actor

JG: Junior Grade, young singer tycoon, sweet natured, enabler personality

Billy: photographer/videographer who is archiving YTA's life.