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The Potential Romance (p. 34 Green Journal)

Cu courts new teacher.
Teacher attracted to Cu from the start, and lets him know.

"A mi cuerpo le gusta muchísimo tu cuerpo."

In reality, he courts her, backs off; conflicted. He's told in the tribe, "Get an Indian wife this time; avoid the problems. Look what happened last time. Was that not warning enough?"

Yet, she keeps doing very Indian things, not by design... almost in spite of herself.

Last updated 11/28/15 which, unfortunately, was NOT updated here, as well, and was lost as I reorganized.  Sigh.  She attributed this world view to Bruno, unnamed, and philosophized eloquently about it, which, alas, I seem to be unable to do at this moment, and the deadline looms; 11/24/15 when transfered to Travelsfar and expanded into an entry in Despina's Infamous Green Journal; 11/14/01.
Tags: sotfw - sc - difj

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