pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

I'm In Trouble Now...

Even though I live on a farm, I knew better than to say that I preferred them to lakes. I also knew, even though we don't have Target stores here, and I really probably DID buy my notebook in Walmart, I still KNEW to say Target.

You belong in Wisconsin.

Minnesota or Wisconsin?
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So, instead of ending up in the state that is still my "spiritual" home, even though I've lived longer in Iowa than anywhere else, this happened. Lakes to me mean "breeding ground for the biggest, meanest mosquitos you'll ever meet". Yes, they make lovely postcards...

As kids, we accompanied our parents to Camp Mac one year when they were counselors. The main things I remember are hiding a "clue" in the rocks of the chimney of a cabin so deeply that nobody else could dig them out to see where they were to go next on the scavenger hunt, and a very, very true joke: The girls from California walk like this (do a sexy vamp of wiggling hips, carried over the top into obscenity), the girls from Texas walk like this (do a wiggle suggestive of throwing a lasso with each stride, also carried to extremes), but the girls from Camp Mac walk like this (do a very strange gait in which at each stride, the foot is used to scratch mosquito bites on your legs...)

Surely we did something ELSE up there, even though we weren't really particpants. Surely. Was Capture the Flag in the big field from there or the numberous chruch camps? I'm thinking that came later. We had to have row boats and swimming -- all Minnesota camps are thus equipt... But I can't recall any shoreline except the one from church camp.

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