pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Noise Pollution

Oh, are we EVER driving a quiet truck!

How quiet is it? You ask with anticipation...

Well, it is SOOOOO quiet that

I had shut the radio off, as turning the volume all the way up still did not let me follow the song's progress except when I let it freewheel down the hills... not very high on my list of top listening pleasures, so I snapped off the radio.

Last night, when I came out from school, I wanted to hear the weather, so as I cranked the engine, I turned on the radio. The volume, being on HIGHEST, blasted from the speakers. The truck had caught so fast and was so silent that I THOUGHT THE ENGINE HAD NOT FIRED.

I was all set to crank it again, but I just HAD to do something about that wash of sound... so I turned the volume way low... and could hear, just barely, the gentlest purr...

Was it worth $427????

At least I didn't try to start an already running engine and break teeth off the timing chain, or whatever evil that horrid sound you get when you pull that stunt represents.

How quiet was it?

Quieter than the BMW! No lie!

True confession time: The Beemer is a diesel...
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