pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Christmas Horse Care

(Swiped from another horse chat)
God Bless You and all your Horses this Holiday Season and give you the of love the year through.

T'was the night before Christmas, but my manger was bare,
My coat is still matted; the spots that aren't bare.
My thirst shows no mercy on this day of the lord,
My stall is still filthy, manure covering the floor.

Outside the stars are brilliant; in the clear sky they shine.
Peace and love fill the world, except the corner that's mine.
Here it is cold and hunger that are more the rule,
The season's joys and blessings aren't shared by the cruel.

My owner is comfortable, all snug in his bed,
He doesn't care that I haven't been fed.
When out in the pasture, what should I hear?
But the sound of a sleigh and the hoofs of reindeer!

I peered out of the stall for there arose quite a clatter,
As Santa strode in to see what was the matter.
"I heard your poor suffering, even from afar.
Your owner doesn't deserve you, the good horse you are!"

The scowl on his face didn't fit the jolly old elf,
His anger had gotten him quite beside himself.
He threw open the stall door and in a flash
Had my rack filled with hay and feeder with a mash!

"You enjoy this," he said as he strode to the house,
"I'm going to stir up much more than a little old mouse!"
As I munched I looked to see what would occur,
Santa entered the house and he caused quite a stir!

He grabbed my owner by the back of his shirt
And pulled him to the barn, where he stopped with a jerk.
"This horse is God's creature, placed in your care!"
Santa fairly shouted his wrath filling the air.

"You have used and abused him for far too long
And worse, you don't even think it is wrong!"
'I have your Christmas list," Santa brought it forth from his coat,
"You want toys and gizmos, a new car and a boat!"

Santa said with a grin "Your gift this year is much better by far,
Than any shiny new toys, or even a car!"
My owner's eyes grew wide and filled with fear,
Not sure what it was that next he would hear!

Santa took a deep breath, then said with a sigh,
"You shall switch lives with this little guy!"
Then laying his finger on the side of his nose,
He winked at me and switched our roles.

I was no longer a horse, all battered and thin,
But stood on two feet, wearing a grin!
The horse in the stall neighed loudly in protest,
Santa just smiled and shook his head as he left.

I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight.
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night."
I watered my horse, and cleaned out his stall,
Amazed that there are some season's blessings after all!

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