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Pandemonium has been spreading its holiday cheer around a bit lately....

I had a message on my answering machine last night when I got home at 10 that two "Paints" were out in the alfalfa field by the big pond up on the Millerton paving... were they possibly mine? I tried until midnight to see if I could find horses and see if anyone was missing... I could hear them running in front of the headlights, but I never saw a one.

Up early this morning and off to see if I could find all the mares. Eventually, I had them all locked down in the field behind the barn/house. But, no Pinto stallions. All THREE were gone, and the guy had only reported two...

I told Mr. Lockridge, our princpal, after school that I needed to go right after the buses left to find three stallions. Two I knew were at least a mile and a half away when I saw them at 7:45, but I came to school, as I would have missed most of the morning classes trying to get them home at that time.

Since I had to take them down the road, I needed to do it in daylight.

I was afraid they would not let me catch them, as the farmer had tried to herd them out, unsuccessfully, since they just circled and ran from him, but my fears were groundless. I stopped the truck when I saw them, got out and hollered. They both came to me. Omyno let me halter him with no trouble. He tried to dash off when Lyre came up, but I had his hair, and he yielded. I stuck the halter on him and put his face in the grain. He was happy...

Lyre was miffed. He didn't want to get caught.

The buckles jangled, and he bolted. They both ran. Since I was not holding the rope on No at the time, I lost them both, with a halter and NO rope on Lyre and a halter and rope on No. He again came right back to me. Then I had to try to lead them from the passenger window while shifting the truck, through the guy's corn stubble, alfalfa field, over the dam, and past the spooky newborn calves, past the bulls, who followed along with us, (Lyre bolted several times, once getting right in front of the truck and stopping...)

Then we were out on the road. Lyre hung back while No charged ahead. Every open gate, they wanted to turn in. The barking dog hit at the same time as four hunters passing on the other side, and I nearly lost them both.

The corner farm had two horses that went with us for forty acres on a side... Lyre trying to talk them into breeding the whole time. Hunters and their jeeps/pickups/suv's were all over. They were constantly trying to pass me as we took up more than half of the road. At least nobody honked. Some hung back trying to let me turn ahead of them.

When I got them into the front yard, I turned them loose. The last fellow who went by was the farmer whose field/pond they'd used as a haven. At least there was no cover for deer, so they probably weren't shot at. And they were well off the road!

Both palms were rope burned, both shoulders throbbed, and I was really stiff when I got out of the truck. When I took off my coat, the shirt I'd worn was plastered to my body by sweat.

Debut showed up against the sky line in the back field when I walked No out to the creek crossing to the other field. I turned him loose; he immediately went back to the lot, Debut came up, and HE went to the lot, so I locked Raven on the other side in that stud pen and let those three have the lot and double pasture. Hopefully, since they get along, they will all coexist happily and not go roaming.

It took nearly an hour to get them home, since I had to go by the roads. The distance across the fields was not that far, but there are no gates, no lanes, no trails....

All was secure by dark.

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