pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

I Am Living -- Anna Lee Walters, Pawnee/Otoe

I Am Living

My name is "I am living."
My home is all directions and is everlasting.
Instructed and carried to you by the wind,
I have felt the feathers in pale blue clouds and bowed before the Sun
Who watches me from a blanket of faded blue.
In a gentle whirlwind I was shaken,
Made to see on earth in many ways,
And when in awe my mouth fell open,
I tasted a fine red clay.
Its flavor has remained after uncounted days.
This gave me cause to drink from a crystal stream
That only I have seen.
So I listened to all it's flowing wisdom
And learned from it a Song---
This song the wind and I
Have since sung together.
Unknowing, I was encircled by its water and cleansed.
Naked and damp, I was embraced and dried
By the warmth of your presence.
Dressed forever in the scent of dry cedar.
I am purified and free.
And I will not allow you to ignore me.
I have brought to you a gift.
It is all I have but it is yours.
You may reach out and enfold it.
It is only the strength in the caress of a gentle breeze,
But it will carry you to meet the eagle in the sky.
My name is "I am living," I am here.
My name is "I am living," I am here.

    -- Anna Lee Walters, Pawnee/Otoe

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