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I got home two hours late last night. My "adopted son" had brought a FRIEND along for supper, and I'd been running late in the morning. He'd asked me if I would make a turkey for him if he bought it.

When he said he wanted it for Wednesday, I told him I was still in school.

So, he forgot to buy it and drop it off on Monday, and I thought he'd changed his mind.

When I got home extremely late on Tuesday night, I had a note in the door... he'd brought one and gotten it into the fridge (no mean trick!) IT WAS STILL FROZEN SOLID.

So, I did a no-no. I set it in the sink to thaw out overnight, then got up early to get it prepared. I couldn't get the neck out of the cavity until I ran HOT water into it... And so the neck meat I normally season my stuffing with was still too uncooked by the time I had to leave, so THAT didn't go into the dressing...

I was nearly late for school, and did not have the onions in the dressing yet, so I stuck a WHOLE onion on top of the dressing mix I'd told him he'd have to mix and stuff into the bird. He did not put in any onion. He thought I'd just stored the onion there because I didn't have another place for it...

My preset has never worked, so he came over and started it at 1, figuring to eat at 5 (VERY SMALL FEMALE BIRD). Fortunately, he came in at four to check on her, and she was done already. Generally, I use a very low oven (250) to do a turkey so it isn't so dry, but this time, I'd put it at 325. She literally fell off the bone.

I just couldn't get done at school, so was home two hours late... and he'd brought a FRIEND... Oops!

He'd made carrot cake in cupcake pans...

We then watched a video he'd gotten from a horse friend. The tape was three minutes of the horse, the promo and commercial, and the first part of the movie The Beautiful Mind! I hate to get to the endish part of a movie and have the tape run out! Of course, we watched until midnight, when nothing was open to even go get it rented so we could see the end...

AARGG! He was at a table in the library, when his one time rival brought his wife in to see him and a group of select students holding "class".

Do the credits then roll? It has a climaxy feeling to it.

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