pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

How fares my NaNoWriMo Challenge attempt?

Maybe it is blondbomb's new Marilyn Monroe icon, but one fan (Martin) who has been following the on-line story, commented that he'd printed off my 3000+ words from Thursday's edited entry and taken them to bed with him to read...

Now, for someone with pretentions to being a serious writer, that's exciting! (And I also made my goal of 30,000 actual words... and getting organized to edit in Dec. BIG TIME...)

Overall: 30,642 (Actual Novel) (research notes + novel: 39417)
Maybe I should append URL's and put the notes in an Appendix in the interests, of course, of accuracy and honesty (not to MENTION word count!)
Sunday: 1861 (not counting completing Thursday's chapter.)
Thursday: 520 (edited Saturday to 2197 and ended Sunday, with a whopping 3228.)
Wednesday: 585
Tuesday: 1836
Monday: 1840
Last weekend:
Overall: 21292 (Actual Novel) (research notes + novel: 30067)
(Also omitting the weekend's Norway notes, which is even WORSE at 5138)
Denmark notes, which at 3637, is quite a sacrifice :-) )
Sunday: 644 (edited: 1683)
Saturday: (lost unedited total) 5141
Friday: Added "personalities" all day...
Thursday: Parent-Teacher Conferences after teaching just one hour less than normal, meeting with every class...
Wednesday: 1502 (edited: 2050) (re-edited 3256, and I like it A LOT BETTER)
Tuesday: Parent-Teacher Conferences after teaching just one hour less than normal, meeting with every class...
Monday: 1580 (edited)
Sunday Word Count: 2828 (edited) re-edited: 3755 and yet again: 4159
Saturday Word Count: (edited: 2449)
Friday Word Count: 2887 (edited: 2989) re-edited: 3024

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