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Reflecting Pool of the Subconscious (manhattan) wrote in nanowrimo,
@ 2002-11-10 10:22:00

Current mood: revolutionary

Calling all unapproved novelists... ;)

Some of you may have read the little opinion piece by Ms. Alma Hromic about the dangers and disrespectfulness of NNWM.  I'd like to thank Ms. Hromic publicly for preventing me from dropping out of NNWM, as I'm 10000 words behind and hate what I'm writing.  She's inspired me to get off my ass and invest in my birthright of stringing words together and daring to consider it art.  I will be finishing my piece of shite novel, and proudly, once more, proclaiming myself a novelist.  I cannot thank her enough.

I also wrote a letter to the editor, which I have posted here: :) (link broken - sorry)

Viva la revolution!
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2002-11-10 07:40 (link)

Viva la revolution!

ROFL!  After I read that article, I actually watched the episode of Hornblower with the creepy French Royalists because they basically said the same things as in that article, though, of course, about ruling a country instead of writing a novel.  It made me feel good when they put the Marquis de Moncoutant to the guillotine.  Better than it usually does because I got to picture that woman there in his stead.

*sighs happily*

2002-11-10 10:25 (link)

Well, I just read the article . I am currently wondering if its author had her sense of humor surgically removed, or if it's only an unfortunate accident of birth.  I am at loss for words.  Fortunately she seems to be in a minority.

I am tempted to go out and read her books, but I would probably only force myself to see the negative parts, and they do not for the most part seem to be available outside New Zealand anyway.


2002-11-10 10:25 (link)

Whoa.  Just searched for and read Alma's writeup.  I'm not entirely sure whether she actually feels the title of 'novelist' means something more than someone who writes a novel (the Webster's definition) or whether she's actually threatened by so many people aspiring to write 50,000 words in a month.

Sure, I can agree with the notion of dilution of credibility in the field.  I'm a network administrator and am quite aware of this situation in IT where people are force-fed technical instruction in a month and get a certificate that says they know what they're doing, thereby diluting my own credibility.  Sure.  However, novelist is not synonymous with 'good writer', 'writer by trade', or 'published novelist' which is the weak point of Ms. Hromic's argument.  It's great that she devoted her whole life to the art, profession, or whatever she'd like to call it.  Terrific.  I respect that.  However, not all people find themselves in a situation where this is possible.  She should not feel threatened or tread upon because others long to be in her shoes (or very similar ones).  True, not everyone is serious about this (myself included sitting at 2300 words so far) but many are and I guarantee there are vast untapped resources among NaNoWriMo participants who she would probably be proud to share the field with if she could see past her own frustration.
- Aron

2002-11-10 10:31 (link)
As an aside, I think she needs to grow a sense of humour as well if she doesn't find the FAQ amusing =).


2002-11-10 11:16 (link)
Ugh.  What business is it of hers what we do with our own time?

2002-11-10 11:18 (link)

Good question. ;)

Voyage of Discovery
2002-11-10 12:36 (link)

I've had published SHORT STORIES, and been paid for them upon occasion.  But I have YET to complete a novel.  HOWEVER, should I make it, I HAVE SUPERIOR editing skills!  And, I heard on the news just the other day about a company that hired some scientists to create TWO SILK PURSES OUT OF PIG PARTS.  One resides in some nationally known place whose name has fled, as I was writing while I listened, not realizing there WOULD be a test -- the Smithsonian?  Somesuch; YOU could look it up!
The other is going up for public auction/just was auctioned off, as the company is in debt trouble...


I once had a prof who said reading (Author X) was like digging for pearls among the swine...  I tried to read that author, and even with the promise of finding pearls, could not manage it.  Bet you can find the pearls in your own work, and even more importantly, will learn you CAN master a deadline, so important in so many writing-oriented professions.

Whether my short work has been aired on the radio or printed in magazines, nearly EVERY EDITOR demanded a cut down version.  I, who was in love with every single word, learned that I really relished every single IDEA, and was bright enough to keep THEM while paring.  And, you know what?  The pieces were BETTER afterward except for one case...

Charge!  Man the Keyboards!  Fire all BROADSIDES!  VICTORY IS OURS!


2002-11-10 15:29 (link)

I didn't read anything of this post except you're behind.  All i can say is.  Yeah.

To me, the novelty (pardon the pun) has worn off.  I shouldn't care, but I want to finish anyway.  But I'm still behind.


2002-11-10 17:58 (link)
I'm less than 5000 words behind now.  Hah.  I'll be caught up soon enough.  Still, 1,667 words a day doesn't really hold a challenge for me.
Has the novelty worn off for me?  Possibly, but I have my pride.  If it were 100000 next year, that might have some flavour.  I'm considering taking February to write a volume of poetry in one month, possibly as many as 3 a day.  That might be fun and pretentious.  Then I can say I'm a poet as well.

    duinlas 2002-11-10 18:12 (link) Yeah, that's all that keeps me writing.  Pride.  I'll squeak by.  That's all I can hope for.  As for poetry?  I have so much written.  I should sell it . I think that's the main detraction from all this for me.  I want to have a career in writing, and nanoing last year showed me I _can_ write a novel, but I want to have a CAREER which involves making MONEY and nano is not that.  But hey... the things we do for pride.

    • Polish and Submit Time, Then blondbomb 2002-11-10 21:14 (link) Go For IT!

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