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Refrigerator Art, Part II (Some Assembly Required)

Rushing back to the reservation, Despina thinks, "I surely hit every pothole in that entire stretch of road."

But she arrives before the start of school. Spying Paul Peter as she passes, she hails him as he climbs into his jeep to head for Mound.

"There's a slight hitch."


Bruno walks over, listening intently.

"The doors are still on, but the freon's still in, too."

"And the motors?"

"Presumably. And the piping, as well."

Rubbing his jaw reflectively, Bruno offers, "Sound like need more hands, tools, and how you say? Assembly line?"

Turning briskly, he sets off toward his hovel, where he houses a first-class tool chest.

"Spoken like a true engineer," Paul Peter says as he fires up the jeep and heads over to facilitate the loading process.

As long as he doesn't have to dirty his hands.

Last updateed 11/9/01.

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