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Music Titles

Hubert Laws (Jazz flute): Amazing Grace (purchased)

Mozart: Cosí fan tuttle -- Jan. 26, 1790, Vienna

Scarlet Records: Colors on the Wind "Mojave Sunrise"

Artist: Montage
Format: CD
Label: Scarlet Records
Catalog No: SR 25704-2
Genre: New Age: General New Age
Playing Time: 57:45
Selling Price: $0.00

1. Mojave Sunrise (3:34) (Tom Schmutzler)
2. Sunshower (3:57) (Peter Wortman)
3. Pegasus (2:39) (Peter Wortman)
4. Legacy (5:15) (Peter Wortman)
5. Soliloquy (5:46) (Tom Schmutzler)
6. Playa Blanca (4:13) (Tom Schmutzler)
7. Perpetual Motiom (4:16) (Tom Schmutzler)
8. Voyage to the Pleiades (5:03) (Tom Schmutzler)
9. Call to the Jubilee (5:16) (Tom Schmutzler)
10. Far Corners (8:36) (Peter Wortman)
11. Crescent Moon (4:52) (Tom Schmutzler/Peter Wortman)
12. Flight of the Penguin (4:18) (Peter Wortman)

Essential Winter Solstice

Rafe Vaughn Williams The Lark Ascending
    Deutsche Grammophon CD/A/D/D 439 529-2 G/GA Sept. 1993 Oboenkonzert Banenboim (Daniel Barenboim, Conductor?)
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