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History of Despina's Name

Despina was on the radio today as the maid in Mozart's opera that sounds like Cozy Van Toote. No idea how it is really spelled.

The story is silly, like that of most operas. Two men bet that their girl friends will remain true. Of course, they don't recognize their boyfriends when they disguise themselves (people in operas NEVER recognize anyone once the lights are out or the clothing changes, no matter how well they supposedly know each other), so, eventually, they fall in love with the wrong men, having unwittingly switched.

Supposedly, when they come clean, all is well, but if I were one of the people involved, I would find my faith in my intended seriously shaken that he could even contemplate such a switch.

Despina, the maid, is in on the plot (she gets paid to help pull it off, and the men lose their wager when the girls eventually cave in.) She is very active and inventive, concocting all manner of deceptions on her own. I was quite delighted with her. I'd like to say I knew of this character before I chose the main character's name, as I had heard the opera before, but if I did know it, I forgot that I did.

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