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Character Names

I had no idea coming up with suitable names could be this hard. Every one I think of is a name from someone in my past, who IS NOT being alluded to in this story.

Wise older teacher in main school - Leon Deierling
Heroine - Despina Mackenzie
Skandahoovian with a back history with Despina -- Paul Peter Johnson
(Too common. Not Nordic enough...)
Rasmuthason (Well, okay, but I can't spell that one... LOL.)
Paul Peter Sorensen
Tex and Nancy Johnson, Bar J Ranch powers in the local area. Host summer barn dance every year.
Jerry Jones, Bar J Ranch ranch worker who dances with best cook in the area -- bachelor days appear numbered after Despina's intervention
Fictitious Arizona town - Broken Lance
Changed to Stone Circles, supposedly representing the leftover bases of kivas archeologists have uncovered in the area. Mound is another town on the reservation, also very small, and further into the reservation.

Sheriff -- something Irish.
Tex calls him "Bobbie", and policemen are traditionally Irish, at least in New York. I guess I am not letting a few thousand miles of misplaced geography stand in my way here...
Sample names:
Robert Mullaney
Robert M. A. Bellamy (JVM)
Michael A. Bellamy (M. A. Bellamy) under the influence of JVM's funny song mishearing...
Tex now calles him "Mickey". He is manly enough, however, that I doubt anyone will be tempted to add "Mouse". :)

Vi -- Sheriff's widowed mother

La Ciega, María, the ancient blind Indian who "sees all, hears all, and lets all know her opinions on it in no uncertain terms."
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