pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

No Longer the legal Iowa Speed Limit

Last year, I turned the legal speed limit for Iowa on non-interstate highways. It was not such a hot year.

This birthday started out slowly... nobody said a word all day, probably because I did not advertise it.

Once I got home, it was a different matter. A happy birthday note was tucked in the door... from Jess.

Bonnie sang on the answering machine... The light was blinking, and I was sorry I'd missed the real thing, but that was a cool greeting.

The corker for the day was Jess. He baked me a chocolate low fat graham cracker crust pie... and DROPPED IT in the chair (lid still on, fortunately). It is quite the original! Still edible, but looks pretty strange.

Cards from Bonnie, Carol, Sue, and George -- Muchly appreciated, and a note from the PO saying that there is a BIG box there.

This was a used horse blanket from a friend who was moving, which just happened to land on that day.
Tags: birthday
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