pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

WD Contest Winners 11/2001

Here's some entries about an object found in a writer's book... the limit was 75 words, including the title. (The first and third are for Chippy, the second and last for the Ravens among us... Any romantics can claim the other one...)

The winner:

Boxers or Briefs

John Grisham is a lawyer
and a skilled writer, too.
Tucked inside his stack of books
is something that will amuse you.
It is a pair of boxers,
Hanes to be exact.
They were made in pelican print.
What do you think of that?
Did they inspire the title
for his now famous book?
The Pelican Brief as a best seller.
The Pelican Boxer had no hook.
    --Wanda J. Hale, Valencia, CA

Stark Raven Mad

Memo to myself:

    • Read a curious volume of forgotten lore.
    • Forget about Lenore. Move on with my life.
    • Take my anti-depression medicine.
    • Put a lock on my shutters.
    • Buy some opium.
    • Buy some bird seed ... laced with arsenic.
    • Clean the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door.
    • Bury that filthy black bird and worry nevermore.
    • Change my name from Edgar to Ralph.

      --Edgar P. Burke, Sarasota, FL

    Survival of the Fittest

    Yellowed letter recently discovered inside a rare, original copy of Robinson Crusoe:

    Dear Mr. DeFoe:
    Your idea for a contest based upon your latest novel is an intriguing proposition. However, stranding a group of people on a deserted island merely for the sake of the public's entertainment just seems too callous and shallow for our tastes. Best wishes for success in the literary jungle.

    Burnett Games & Pastimes
      --Kevin Crane, St. Cloud, FL

    I Love You From A-Z

    According to my heart, I
    Believe you are meant for me.
    Could I hope you feel the same, my
    Darling? When we part, I
    Eagerly await the next
    Fiery melding of our bodies...


    Found in an old Sue Grafton book
      --Sheryl Lutz. Boca Raton, FL


    While visiting the library of the University of Alabama, I checked out The Grapes of Wrath. Between two pages, I discovered a tattered postcard that was addressed to Miss Nelle Harper Lee. The front of the postcard held a sketch of a gray and white mockingbird balancing on a branch.

    The sender's message read, "Nelle, I was scouting for a finch when I found him. Put down your books for a while.

    Love, Me."
      Juliene Rained, Atlanta, GA

    What would YOU think of finding? Maybe we should run our own contest. We have no shortage of creative people...

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