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Chapter Titles

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2001 6:18 pm

Chapter Titles


How I Came to Write This Book (9/4/01)
Podunksville, Iowa (11/15/01)
Fire Breathing Dragon (2/3/02)

Despina's Dream Sequences:

The Dream (9/4/01)
First Meeting (The Recurring Dream) (9/4/01) (p. 46-7)
The Recurring Dream (10/29/01)
New Dance (11/4/01)
East Is East (11/4/01)
...and the Bees (11/4/01)
Needs and Wants (11/23/01)
The Arrival (The Recurring Dream) (p. 75) (10/3/01)
Range War (The Recurring Dream) (9/16/01)
The Rescue (RD) (10/30/01)
Tex's Propina (11/31/01)
Aftermath -- The Range War (9/16/01)
Under Construction (The Recurring Dream) (p. 34) (10/28/01)
Cu's Fate (RD) (11/25/01)

On Stone Circles Reservation:

Tail Lights (12/9/01)
--includes The Medicine Woman's Cave (p. 34)
Under Construction (10/24/01)
The Rescue (The Storm) (9/24/01)
-- How to find it (10/28/01)
--Moves it (p. 36-7)
--Cuddles Up (p. 47-54, 68)

At Despina's School:

Class Projects (9/29/01)
--Show and Tell (11/30/01)
--El Alfabeto (10/28/01)
--La Bañera (9/19/01)
--Electrify (Company CO's Visit p. 32)
--Water Pump (p. 42)
--Refrigerator Art (Parts I, II, and Final 10/28/01)
--Native American Art (p. 42-43)
--Candid Camera (11/25/01) Video Tape project (p. 36)

In Broken Lance:

In the Tavern:

Ye Old Watering Hole (8/26/01)
Before the Mike (8/26/01)
Elemental Forces (9/19/01)
Range War III (11/4/01)
The Water Pitcher (10/28/01 p. 39, 77)
Taking Tex Home (12/7/01)
Vows (9/21/01)

Going to Meeting (12/31/01)
The Library (p. 42)
--Dramatic Voices (11/9/01)
--The Library -- After Lunch 11/9/01)

The Fertility Clinic (p. 81, 82-115)
The Waterfall (The Arrest) (p. 169-178)
--(p. 45 --only been here a week)
--Echo (p. 78)
The Attack
--Three versions (p. 37)
--Role of Scorpions (p. 37)
--Role of Cudgels (p. 38)
Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
Ten Little Indians - Cudgels (p. 37)
The Biology Lesson
--Scorpions (p. 36)
Under Construction (p. 80-81)
The Wall Flower (p. 39)
The Courtship (p. 40, 43-45 mixed into dance)
--And the Ponies (p. 68-75)
The Swimming Hole
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (p. 38)

Other Topics that haven't found a home
Rehab (p. 40)
Motel (p. 41)
Rooming House (p. 41-2)
--and Swat team (p. 79)
Library (p. 42)
CNN (p. 38, 43)
Lost & Sunburned (p. 47)
Trip to Iowa (p. 77)
Juan's parentage (p. 78)
The End (p. 78, 221-224)
Sympathetic Medicine (p. 79, #11)
Biker types in desert/YOWH (p. 181)

Pest Invasion (Green Journal p. 36) (11/23/01)

Invasion (11/23/01)
Invasion, Part II (11/23/01)
Jello (11/19/01)
La Desaparecida (11/25/01)
Nightmare (11/25/01)

Last updated 2/3/02.

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