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I got the mares all in to worm this morning, set on fire some of the branches Andy cut off the evergreen trees that were in the electric wire, and it was suddenly too hot to worm. I should have turned the herd loose, but I was determined to do they today.

I thought, "I'll go down in an hour and do a few, then in another hour do a few more, etc." That was at 10:30. At 11:15, I opened the front door, got hit with a wave of heat, and shut it again at once. I tested the outside air periodically all af ternoon. At sunset, I went down and did the entire herd of mares, geldings, and foals, plus two of the studs, and could hardly make it back up the hill afterward. I was soaked through, undies and all! But they are DONE. I did them all alone, with no halte rs on anyone. I talked every one of them into cooperating with me. Every one. Last year, I could no more have done that than the man in the moon. Tomorrow or next weekend, I'll do Lyre. Debut got done while he was at the vet's in Centerville. He needs a m onth in between wormings for safety.

I separated Canta's son Statuesque, who was the one Andy and Lou and I couldn't get to go with his dam, and put them in the stalls on the south side of the barn. Then I separated her from him and did him. He was pretty good once he was alone in a small stall. I didn't have the heart to keep him separate in this heat. If I got him in once, I will be able to do it again. He's very, very bright.

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